Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Month in the Field!

got a pretty awesome story from this week! so we started teaching a girl, Riza, on Sunday who we had "met" on Saturday. I say "met" because we were at a recent converts house and she showed up but we didnt talk to her. we were at the house to fill out a baptismal record with a npw recent convert. anyway later on saturday we got a call from one of our recent converts saying that girl that we didnt talk to wanted to learn. She couldnt meet saturday night so we asked her if Riza could come to church. and she did! without even talking to us yet haha. so after church we taught her and she was very accepting of the first lesson. So we taught her again on Monday night, and she told us about a dream she had: "Friday night i dreamed that i met a girl that i had never met before, and this girl told me she was going to tanjong batu, -which is the road that leads to the church here in Tawau. Riza did not know this- so i followed this girl..." this is basically all she remembered from the dream. So that was friday night and then she saw us saturday, and then on Sunday when she went to church, she recognized the road she saw in her dream. She told us about all the feelings she ha when she first met us, and on her way to church. all very cool! shes very faithful and basically we just have to teach her all the lesson material.

thats the cool story for this week haha. so today we are flying out to Sibu, Sarawak for an "all eastern malaysia conference" we will be there from today and then coming back to Tawau saturday afternoon. itll be cool to finally meet other missionaries haha. a lot of them i will be meeting in their dying days. around june i guess the mission is gonna be "flipped upside down" because like half the zone leaders are goin home, so this will be a very young mission pretty soon. haha doesnt really mean a lot to me cuz ive been here for a month.

oh so will hopefully be buying an external hardrive this week while in sibu. probly about $100 USD so i thought id just give a heads up on that. Elder trotter recommends i have one so i dont have to worry about running out of space for pictures n stuff. so that'll be nice to have.

ya so those lizards are monitor lizards. i havent seen any really big ones yet, but trotter says he has seen like a five 1/2 footer! the biggest ive seen was like 3 feet. they usually stay in the gutters yes. they are all afraid of humans so theres no danger of attack haha. ya i bought those sandals. pretty nice for just wearing around the house. my feet are doing quite well actually! ya so the Tawau area is really really big, but we dont use the whole area because nobody has a way to get to church other than bus or taxi. rarely do they own cars. rarely. but ya semporna is actually in my area. so hopefully next week we get to go. biking, usually not THAT much. but sometimes itll be a ton of biking, and sometimes none at all. we usually bike to all our appointments, except we have like three investigators we take the bus to.

ok so for mothers day, it would be better if we could talk monday (US) tuesday for me. because trotters family cant talk sunday (US) but if sunday night works out better for you thats ok. we will just have to do separate days, which is fine. whichever day it turns out to be, it will be about 7PM US time. so im pretty sure sunday will work out better, butif everyone can talk on monday night that would be a little easier for us. i also bought a calling card so i can call ali or carson if he cant come. so i guess there isnt really a time limit, but i estimate we'll be able to talk for about 2 hours! i'm super excited!

so you should respond ASAP cuz i will be able to check my email later this week. i may even end up calling you to confirm our plans haha

ok, love you all and cant wait to talk!

Elder Giblette

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