Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gambar lagi

Funny pic of me i dont think ive sent before :)

super cute lil girl in the branch

I guy who tried to kill himself by jumping off a very short bridge, but just ended up landing in a mud pit haha. kinda funny. actually really funny cuz his pants came off as he was being helped out of the mud... :)

General Conference at the church on saturday

Still just on a mission

Hello everyone,
Unfortunately another slow week this week. Very tough to make appointments with the few people we try to call investigators, and also a few that fell through. But we were finally able to meet with a part-member family again, and had a decent lesson with James, (non-member husband) the tough part is that his wife Weena is not that active herself, and while we taught James she was in the other room taking care of their young child. so as we continue working with them we may end up focusing more on strengthening Sis Weena. Of course it would be almost impossible to baptize him if his wife herself was not active. So that will be a good, slow work in progress. Also a Nigerian family we've taught a copule times attended a conf session on Sunday! he attended the englsih one, so it wasnt at our building, but the other elders said he was good and they got a chance to meet Patrick and his fam. He told us he really enjoyed the service, and had a lot a of questions. hopefully we can meet him tomorrow! I am now really experiencing the part of my mission that is "the hardest thing youll ever do" and its tough. slow area and inexperienced companion is not easy haha. but i know itll get better. i have great other elders in this zone and many other pals around the mission. never could i regret going on this mission.

Elder Hirschi continues to struggle to step out his comfort zone, but i continue to encourage him to try and give him opportunities to do so.

Not much else happening. The zone leaders stayed with us this week, cuz theyre house has been robbed a few times, and they are in the process of finding a new one, and i think they are moving into a new house today. So its always fun to have some extra company, especially zone leaders, who I dont have to worry about being a bad influence in the house haha.

I think today we might go bowling, and also we are gonna go to the craftshops so Hirschi can look at some stuff. A pair of pants i got here ripped a couple weeks ago so hopefully the place i got them from will help me. just really cheap pants haha. even though they were expensive... The shoo goo that you sent me is working wonderfully, so my shoes, other than the patched hole in the sole, are doing very well. I can see in other elders shoes that ECCO really is the best brand. Already Hirschi's shoes are starting to show signs of wear... only 2 months out!! and he paid not much less than i did for the eccos. so definitely recommend them to all the new missionaries!

I got an email from aunt suzanne that garrett is going to the Philippines! so cool! he'll be relatively close to me haha. any news on nathaniel or kimble? have i been told theyve started their papers? i dont remember haha

Super crazy and sad about the happenings in America, but i have to agree with both of you (mom n dad) that we dont really have anything to worry about since we have the Gospel. Hirschi's dad and other relatives ran in that race, but they finished before the bomb went off. he was certainly anxious to email today, but ya nobody in his family was affected. I hadnt heard about the Texas thing. crazy.

Well sorry this is a relatively boring email..

oh ya i can shre some insights on conference! oopps 3 min warning...

love you!
Elder Giblette

Friday, April 19, 2013

sweet cliff face

huge beach cuz the tide was low.

sorry but i didnt really get any pics of me..too busy hiking.
but maybe have from other elders cameras

a sweet new family that was kind of referred to us this past week. that lady with the kid is THIRTY FIVE years old haha. i told her i was sure she was 25 max haha.

heading to BA\ako national park. trotter, my trainer back left

Gambar-Gambar/cream of the crop

hirschi and I outside a traditional Bidayuh home. Bidayuh is a tribe/race of native people on Borneo. our member took us down to his kampung. which means village, and also refers to their birthplace. unfortunately its a bit tourist-ized, but still really cool and in the jungle.

the long house. not the traditional ones ive seen pictures of before, but same idea. this one was only about 15-20 houses connected. really cool bamboo flooring.


Niga was baptized!

classic old chinese man clipping his toenails at a restaurant....

Monday, April 8, 2013


if you pick out the root of the word in the subject bar, you should be able to figure out that Niga was indeed baptized! Super spiritual and uplifting service after church yesterday. at least for me and Niga haha. (name pronounced nee-ga) I was privileged to do the baptizing. If you havent realized, it has been about 9 months since i've had a baptism. haha not that im really concerned about how many people I baptize, but that its always nice to do it. Classic Malaysia; we cleaned the font really well, but it didnt really matter cuz the water was so dirty that it was a fairly dark green hahaha. but Niga didnt seem to mind, so its all good. But ya next week he will be confirmed and then I can rest at ese haha. if youll remember the last people i baptized in Sitiawan were baptized but never came to church again and have yet to be confirmed... forever in limbo...

Suuuuper excited about conference. we will watch it in Malay with the members in two weeks, but we might be able to get it earlier in engilsh for ourselves before then. either way we will eventually get it in english and def use it for some study time or something.

so for training we are given an extra hour of companion study, and are given a packet with an outline of what we should be training on each week. its a 12 week program. it does include some on-the-computer training, so some days we will be going to the cyber cafes so he can do his training.

His Malay is still struggling, but each day he usually will take a small step outside his comfort zone as far as the language goes. he's also having a hard time adjusting to the food haha. pretty stereotypically picky kid. like i was before. but he'll adjust eventually cuz he has to haha. He's from Layton, UT. we dont have a ton in common, and before he came i thought i was a soft spoken person haha. you aint seen nothin till you meet E Hirschi haha. but its all good. we get along just fine.

today our member took us to his kampung, or village. about an hour form our place. we went with the senior couple that is gonna return to the motherland in to days. pretty cool place. even though its a bit tourist-ized, its definitely in the bush. I finally got to see SKULLS! theyre pretty morbid haha. i touched one of them :) they used to be kept for storage and then the tribe would do some dancing and other weird stuff in a circle while the skulls are sitting above a fire. but our member, Bro Komik said that hasnt been dnoe for a long time. also an interesting fact, they did not simply cut off anyones head, but only the heads of other enemy warriors haha. so there are rules to headhunting believe it or not. also i took an old machete sheath that Komik was gonna throw away haha. as authentic as you get right there.

Not much else to report on i guess. really cool about the drastic increase in missionaries though. we keep hoping that Malay Book of Mormon will come. i think i told you but the first presidency actually sent a letter out to us that states it has been published already, and it encourages members to buy their own copies and continue to use it in their studies. So I imagine it will come in April as the letter came in the third week of March.So that'll be exciting and will be especially effective to study the language.

Sorry about the winter being dragged on haha. I could go for a Twins game or two right about now haha.

Love you all!

Elder Giblette

Monday, April 1, 2013

Imma Daddy!

Well this week of course I went to Singapore to pick up my trainee, and his name is Elder Hirschi. He is from Layton, UT. i dont remember enough about when we lived there to connect with him at all haha. He comes from a big family of 6 kids, and right now his older bro is just about to finish his mission in MN. i dont think I have heard of an elder Hirschi, maybe you guys have? idk.

with the last three weeks of zone conference, injuries, and transfers with a new missionary, our work here has lost a lot of momentum. but Im confident we can get it back this week. E Hirschi's Malay is almost non-existent, but thats ok, i'll get him whipped into shape haha. Unfortunately his first p-day was not ideal. all we did was go get his bike, and then as we were heading out to email, we found that my back tire was completely flat, so we had some annoying delays and are a bit pressed for time now. but i guess you could say its a classic tough welcoming into the mission haha. Hopefully this week Niga, my somewhat long-term investigator can be baptized this week. i just dont know how solid he is on not smoking. but thats about all for our work as of now though

we are gonna try to make pizza and pancakes tonight with our branch pres family tonight, so that should be fun. he got a really nice bike, luckily he knows what hes doin what it comes to bikes, some kids just have no idea. (kinda like me before haha) so now his challenge is to not let it get stolen haha.

pretty funny story from this week though. so the day before i went to singapore i followed the ZLs cuz Loke went to Sibu early. anyways, it was a long day with a lot of biking, and at the end of the day we went toi one of their long term investigators. hes a teenager who lives with his Bomo mother. Bomo means witch doctor haha. so this house, lit only by a few candles, was pitch black, and this old Bomo was speaking to us in Iban, us only understanding about half of it haha. then as we were talking a large, handicapped looking man kind of stumbles/shuffles/limps out of a back room. haha he like groaned as he passed, and was breathing heavily the whole time haha. he walked right behind me into the kitcken. it was all really kind of terrifying in a way hahahaha. as we were closing our lesson, a large group of about ten people came in, and we quickly found out they came to have a member of said group healed by the Bomo. haha so as soon as little objects and herbs and spices were pulled out, we quickly said we needed to go. pretty funny and classic man. kind of a rare and priceless opportunity after all was said and done. heeby jeebies baby.

Not much else to say, March is over, which is crazy. we will get conference in Malay i think the third week of April, which is normal. Mothers DAy will be here before I know it im sure, so thats exciting

Love you all!

Elder Giblette

Elder Hirschi!
Braille Book of Mormon. all six of those binders make up ONE copy!!! classic braille