Monday, April 1, 2013

Imma Daddy!

Well this week of course I went to Singapore to pick up my trainee, and his name is Elder Hirschi. He is from Layton, UT. i dont remember enough about when we lived there to connect with him at all haha. He comes from a big family of 6 kids, and right now his older bro is just about to finish his mission in MN. i dont think I have heard of an elder Hirschi, maybe you guys have? idk.

with the last three weeks of zone conference, injuries, and transfers with a new missionary, our work here has lost a lot of momentum. but Im confident we can get it back this week. E Hirschi's Malay is almost non-existent, but thats ok, i'll get him whipped into shape haha. Unfortunately his first p-day was not ideal. all we did was go get his bike, and then as we were heading out to email, we found that my back tire was completely flat, so we had some annoying delays and are a bit pressed for time now. but i guess you could say its a classic tough welcoming into the mission haha. Hopefully this week Niga, my somewhat long-term investigator can be baptized this week. i just dont know how solid he is on not smoking. but thats about all for our work as of now though

we are gonna try to make pizza and pancakes tonight with our branch pres family tonight, so that should be fun. he got a really nice bike, luckily he knows what hes doin what it comes to bikes, some kids just have no idea. (kinda like me before haha) so now his challenge is to not let it get stolen haha.

pretty funny story from this week though. so the day before i went to singapore i followed the ZLs cuz Loke went to Sibu early. anyways, it was a long day with a lot of biking, and at the end of the day we went toi one of their long term investigators. hes a teenager who lives with his Bomo mother. Bomo means witch doctor haha. so this house, lit only by a few candles, was pitch black, and this old Bomo was speaking to us in Iban, us only understanding about half of it haha. then as we were talking a large, handicapped looking man kind of stumbles/shuffles/limps out of a back room. haha he like groaned as he passed, and was breathing heavily the whole time haha. he walked right behind me into the kitcken. it was all really kind of terrifying in a way hahahaha. as we were closing our lesson, a large group of about ten people came in, and we quickly found out they came to have a member of said group healed by the Bomo. haha so as soon as little objects and herbs and spices were pulled out, we quickly said we needed to go. pretty funny and classic man. kind of a rare and priceless opportunity after all was said and done. heeby jeebies baby.

Not much else to say, March is over, which is crazy. we will get conference in Malay i think the third week of April, which is normal. Mothers DAy will be here before I know it im sure, so thats exciting

Love you all!

Elder Giblette

Elder Hirschi!
Braille Book of Mormon. all six of those binders make up ONE copy!!! classic braille

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