Saturday, April 27, 2013

Still just on a mission

Hello everyone,
Unfortunately another slow week this week. Very tough to make appointments with the few people we try to call investigators, and also a few that fell through. But we were finally able to meet with a part-member family again, and had a decent lesson with James, (non-member husband) the tough part is that his wife Weena is not that active herself, and while we taught James she was in the other room taking care of their young child. so as we continue working with them we may end up focusing more on strengthening Sis Weena. Of course it would be almost impossible to baptize him if his wife herself was not active. So that will be a good, slow work in progress. Also a Nigerian family we've taught a copule times attended a conf session on Sunday! he attended the englsih one, so it wasnt at our building, but the other elders said he was good and they got a chance to meet Patrick and his fam. He told us he really enjoyed the service, and had a lot a of questions. hopefully we can meet him tomorrow! I am now really experiencing the part of my mission that is "the hardest thing youll ever do" and its tough. slow area and inexperienced companion is not easy haha. but i know itll get better. i have great other elders in this zone and many other pals around the mission. never could i regret going on this mission.

Elder Hirschi continues to struggle to step out his comfort zone, but i continue to encourage him to try and give him opportunities to do so.

Not much else happening. The zone leaders stayed with us this week, cuz theyre house has been robbed a few times, and they are in the process of finding a new one, and i think they are moving into a new house today. So its always fun to have some extra company, especially zone leaders, who I dont have to worry about being a bad influence in the house haha.

I think today we might go bowling, and also we are gonna go to the craftshops so Hirschi can look at some stuff. A pair of pants i got here ripped a couple weeks ago so hopefully the place i got them from will help me. just really cheap pants haha. even though they were expensive... The shoo goo that you sent me is working wonderfully, so my shoes, other than the patched hole in the sole, are doing very well. I can see in other elders shoes that ECCO really is the best brand. Already Hirschi's shoes are starting to show signs of wear... only 2 months out!! and he paid not much less than i did for the eccos. so definitely recommend them to all the new missionaries!

I got an email from aunt suzanne that garrett is going to the Philippines! so cool! he'll be relatively close to me haha. any news on nathaniel or kimble? have i been told theyve started their papers? i dont remember haha

Super crazy and sad about the happenings in America, but i have to agree with both of you (mom n dad) that we dont really have anything to worry about since we have the Gospel. Hirschi's dad and other relatives ran in that race, but they finished before the bomb went off. he was certainly anxious to email today, but ya nobody in his family was affected. I hadnt heard about the Texas thing. crazy.

Well sorry this is a relatively boring email..

oh ya i can shre some insights on conference! oopps 3 min warning...

love you!
Elder Giblette

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