Friday, March 29, 2013


Hello America,

Its been a slow but awesome week. I guess i'l start out with the juicy, toe surgery details...
So i went in on Friday for a procedure i thought i have had in the past, where they numb my toe and then cut away some skin and remove the part of the nail that is causing the problem. BUT. this time he said that he was gonna do a more permanent fix and go to the root of the toenail. So it was really kind of funny cuz they made a big deal of it. I had to change into the classic operation robes and go to the back area where all the operating rooms are, then i had to lie on a table in a freezing OR with only a thin blanket for an hour while the doctor finished up an operation for another person. So he finally came in and the operation went smoothly. He ended up cutting far enough so he could reach the source of the toenail, and cut out about a 1/4 of my right big toenail. he says that it will not grow back, and that the skin will just grow over where the nail used to be. I got stitches fro where he cut the skin, and actually i have not yet seen my toe, as it has been wrapped in thick bandages since the operation. it was just kind of funny to me cuz i thought i would just have a quick ten minute procedure in a normal patient room, but it turned into a 3 hour ordeal haha. So tomorrow i go back to the hospital to change my dressings, and i will get a chance to see it then. it has healed quite nicley and i only have pain if i try to bend my toe, which pulls on the stitches. so i am able to walk, but my doctor said i should try not to put any unnecessary pressure on it. So thats that.

it was i guess good timing though cuz last Tuesday E Loke crashed his bike due to some guys who thought it would be funny to drive super close to him and then scream in his ear... luckily his crash wasnt very serious, but he fell pretty hard on his right knee, and it has the gnarliest bruise haha. so this has been a very cacat week haha.

But despite that we were able to meet a few new people from some very fast and efficient door knocking haha. Also on Thurs we had mission tour and Elder Gong of the General 70 came and had a conference with Kuching/Sibu zone. He was way awesome, and he like met us each personally and it was crazy cuz when he shook our hands he would straight into our eyes (souls) as our district leaders gave a brief biography about us. really kind and genuinely loving man. very powerful when he spoke. other than that we have unfortunately been stuck in the house, only leaving when we have to.

Today we get transfer news and we are dying with anticipation haha. E Loke and I have been pretty sure that we will be seperated, but some recent developments may say otherwise. anyways i guess its missionary stuff haha.

To answer your question mom, yes i write an email letter to Pres Mains each week. our zone leaders do just that haha. They lead the zone and give training once a month. they go on exchanges with the District Leaders. i dont know, macam macam sahaja

This just in. I will be training in Samarahan. So i will go to Singapore this week again haha to pick him up. i think they way they do it now is we wont find out until we get there or something. pretty cool though!

not much else to share though haha. they will be adding a couple companionships to Kuching. E Loke is going to be Zone Leader in Sibu zone. a very young zone leader, so thats exciting.

ok, have fun translating the little bits of malay, google translate does an ok job haha

Love you,

Elder Giblette

heading into surgery...

aftermath. not much pain though :)

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