Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back to the ol grind

well this week was a bit disappointing despite the awesome zone conf in Singapore. We came back to find that all the appointments we had hoped to set didnt end up happening haha, and also one of the new families we found already no longer wants to meet... She explained that she talked to her bro-in-law who was a member, but has recently married into Islam (an unfortunate story in and of itself) and said she was not ready to "try out a religion with new ordinances" We had just stopped by her place to say hi and confirm our appointment, but instead we talked for about 20 mins trying to convince her to let us come back and explain about all the new things she heard about.. But alas, she is one of the rare people we meet who firmly tell us they do not want to meet any longer. Agency is tough sometimes haha... Hopefully this week we will be able to meet with the other families and help them progress towards better lives with their Savior. Also, tonight we will be meeting with a part-member family. A member brought her non-member husband to church the last two weeks, and they are enthusiastic about having us over! so we are definitely excited about that.

SO AWESOME to hear about all the missionary work YOU guys are doing! Just pray for those you have in mind, and know that helping them feel the Spirit is the most important thing :)

So in Singapore this week Loke and I were pampered quite nicely haha. So his mother and father both served in this mission back in the 80s, and his mom has a few best-friend-former-companions living in singapore. One of them is officially Loke's Godmother, and she really wanted to bring us out for dinner. So we went to a place called Nando's, which is a South African chicken grill. SO DELICIOUS! possibly the nicest meal ive ever had hahah, definitely the best in my mission. so the real pampering came when she took us to the grocery store and told us to take anything and everything haha. of course we were each a bit shy, and after taking a few items, we thought we were done, but she literally started putting things into our basket cuz she said we hadnt taken enough...! haha so we each got like $50 of groceries, mostly snacks haha cuz we had to travel back with em. Then she gave each of us Ungpau. Ungpau is a chinese tradition of giving an offering of money during Chinese New Year. She gave me SD $50!!! hahaha so sweet. Loke got much more but I was surprised to get any at all haha. Shes very wealthy and is a Singaporean, but has lived in Shanghai for the last 17 years. But she is super nice, NOT cuz of the copious amount of money she spent on us though hahah.

NO mom did not inform me of the baptism you guys had! haha in the future if either of you think the other has already told me about something, assume the opposite, and just tell me haha. who was baptized? do you guys have two sets of missionaries now?

Pretty average zone conf, themed on Repentance and using the Book of Mormon. The Malay version should be arriving in April or May, and Pres Mains told us about the ordering process, explaining why there was a recent delay. So when they print various versions of the BofM, they just set each language on a schedule, say every 3 months, instead of printing on demand. So we were supposed to be printing in December, but there was a problem and then we had to wait till March. So Pres Mains told us that usually there are orders of 4000 copies, but Pres mains insisted on 10,000 copies! also telling us of the initiative to hand out one copy of the BofM each day. saying that if this happens, 10,000 copies should last about one year. haha idk where they are going to keep all those books! but the prospect of having them within a months time is certainly exciting! E Tyler told we that you can get for some app on iPhone, and that a member had it. He, E Tyler, read it and said it was much much easier to understand than the current Indonesian version we use now. I cant wait!

not much else to share this week, hopefully next week I will have good things to report! There are transfers next week, but there are also some problems with Americans in Sabah, and they may end up sending all the natives into Sabah, so it is looking like I will stay in Kuching and train! we'll see next week though!

Love you all!

Elder Giblette

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