Sunday, March 3, 2013


Pretty average week this week. ups n downs as usual i suppose. Franklin and Chen dropped us unfortunately. they talked to their parents about being baptized, and of course their parents said no, and not to meet with us anymore... I think later in their life they will meet the elders again and they will be far from the influence of their families. We have planted a big seed so i guess that was our duty with them. In exchange for them we have found a large number of new potential people. finding extra success in knocking doors. I think it really helps having a native with me. actually no im SURE it helps haha. even though he's chinese, and Chinese here generally dont speak Malay, it helps for people to see someone from Malaysia with the white guy. Niga continues to come to church. this past week we taught him how to fast and we all fasted for him to be able to keep from smoking. we actually talked about giving him a blessing mom, so i guess it was inspired haha! thats about it for missionary work this week.
Our work is slowly growing and Im confident that as our companionship grows better so will our progress in Samarahan. there is a Malaysian idiom that must have been inspired by the Spirit haha: little by little, after a long time becomes a hill. (it works better in Malay haha) but the same principle as line upon line, precept upon precept.

funny story though from knocking doors. So whenever we knock doors, we are always looking at the house to see what race the people are (looking to see if they are Muslim or not) of course we just walk past the definite Muslim houses. so we knocked on one door, and a guy came out, almost jovially, "Hello Brother! What can I do for you?" we explained that who we were and he immediately went into "offense" mode haha. explaing that it was against Malaysian rule to knock on peoples' doors, no matter what theyre religion. Saying we should just go to the church of we want to talk to people haha. "Beware, you cannot come into a respective area like this and disturb our privacy" haha so he spoke pretty good Englsih actually, but had some faults. the best part was that he was only talking to me, not E Loke, the native. probly assuming that Loke knew what he was doing, and that he could intimidate the foreigner. So he ended by saying that if he saw us again knocking doors, he would call the police. so i just grinned and said ok, really trying hard no to laugh haha. so we just went to the next street and kept knocking. THEN two days later he drove past us while we were knocking, and he kind of pointed at us with that "tisk tisk" kind of face. so we jsut started walking out, and he just passed us without saying anything. THEN this morning haha we were walking through the neighborhood to get to the bus stop, and he drove by and stopped, asking, "brother, where are you going? are you knocking on doors again?" haha so i said, "yes, but not in this area. now we are walking to the bus stop" he then continued to give us esentially the same lecture as last time, but this time adding, "you are ruining the harmony of this place. we do not need you. go back to America if you want to talk!" haha so we paid less attention nd kind of started walking away as he was finishing up. Again, he made sure not to speak to E Loke. So the funny thing about all this is that it is perfectly ok for us to knock on peoples' doors. I think he is just put off by Americans or Christians. But E Loke says if we run into him again, E Loke is going "to scold him" haha and tell him that HE is the one disturbing us now haha. i hope we run into him again. jsut to see what happens haha. and who knows, maybe we end up in jail haha. (fingers crossed)

So that story was longer than i anticipated haha. oh well. a funny story that is possibly not over haha. Next week we will go to Singapore. the week of the 22 we have transfers again, and a new shipment of missionaries. about 20 ive heard. not an abnormal amount, but the mission will be packed until the big group of 19 goes home in May. Super exciting and cool to heazr about the huge influx of new missionaries. I definitely agree with E Oaks in saying that it also puts a bigger responsibility on members worldwide. truly member referrals are what make the church grow the fastest.

last week i did not beat my high score, but i got 164, close. E Loke enjoyed bowling so much we are goin again today haha. so hopefully i can beat my high score. its fun to play in proselyting clothes haha. I have to say I dont feel sorry for you at the prospect of another big snowstorm. i would kill somebody for snow. maybe. cold is good. year round same temperature is BORING. luckily i wont have to miss another winter!

welp. thats about it for this week.

i love you all! take pictures of the snow for me!

Elder Giblette

Pizza Hut!

Birthday meals!!

priesthood fireside

shared birthday cake. Bro Senen also birthday on Feb 26th!!!

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