Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another Week

Hello family and other people that may read (like there are any of those haha)

So this week has seen more tracting and little success, but we are just pushing along. I feel like either i dont get discouraged, or i've just become numb to the lack of "success" I always think of a quote from Preach My Gospel, which i think is from a general authority or something. "you are expected to give everything you have, and do everything you can, and then expect nothing." its that simple. i am here to serve the Lord, and thats about it. sure i might get a few baptisms here or there, but thats in fact NOT what im here for. haha this sounds like a pretty bleak outlook, but i actually am fine with it. i've found that when you dont expect anything, you arent really ever disappointed haha. Just know that i am happy with what i am doing, whether others or myself see it as success. Plus maybe if a suffer a little bit now, later i'll get transferred to a sweet area with a ton of people to teach!

yes we heard about Obama being re-elected. i dont really care cuz 1) im in Malaysia 2) i dont anything about the economy or stuff like that. probly not good but whatever. so ya the whole thing doesnt really matter to me...yet. i think its a good point that dad makes, and also this is what E tyler's mom said, that if Romney had been elected, and then made a mistake, it could easily bring negativity to the Church. but oh well, it wouldve been too easy maybe if a member of the Church, who knew how to receive revelation running the country.

A cool story from this week though! we were contacting a small apartment complex that has been tracted many times by previous elders, and on the last row of doors we knocked, we found an I:ndian man and his mother-in-law who were apparently talking about how hard life was, cuz they invited us in, and then after talking a little bit, asked if we could give them blessings. We gladly gave them both blessings of comfort and after the man, Prakash, received his he immediately said how peaceful he felt. We then had a good discussion as they asked us many questions about our church and about our core beliefs. We have not been able to meet with him again yet, but I am confidant that he will remember what he felt that night, and that he will want more.

this week we will likely start going through the neighborhoods that we have already contacted, and that will be less than fun, but oh well haha. not much else to say this week... I'll be able to send pictures later so send some pictures of hayden enjoying his Beats! and of the basement and of the new tv. and of all you guys


Elder Giblette

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