Wednesday, April 11, 2012


oooooooookayyyyyyy. the email youve all been waiting for!

P-day is on wednesday, so i think thats tueday for you. still havent figured out the time difference. i think its late at night for you right now. (bare with me, this keyboard is trash. it's literally difficult to press the keys) the mouse is even worse haha. so ringat is what they use here. and it is about 3 ringat to a 1 dollar. I'm adjusting well and basically all they eat is rice, noodles and chicken. we have a KFC here, and we'll eat there every once in a while. Ya so basically all of malysia is straight jungle except for where there is civilization. its crazy humid too.

my body is doing well. i think ive already lost like 6-7 lbs. my lanuage is pretty good. i can understand like 90% of what my companion says, and in a good conversation about half of anyone else hahaha. a lot of it is just the way they talk and like the phrases they used. cuz i think i still for the most part speak english, but use malay words. im not too worried about it because my trainer is pretty great. the members here are few but theyre pretty strong. my trainer, elder Trotter, was saying that tawau has one of the most functional branches, meaning th mebers, about 60 active, actually fulfill their callings. trotter recently baptized a guy named tony and his wife. they are what we like to call kingdom builders. they are super awesome. tony is one of two members who own a car. he brings people to church, he goes to activities. just amazing. plus he is now a preisthood holder. the problem for tawau is it is basically all palm oil plantations. so the men will go and work for like up to three months at a time, (they work generally about 2 hrs from town) and they just send money back to their families. so the branch here is struggling for preisthood holders. my apartment is way nice. its stil a little hard adjusting to living here. the bathrooms are just like one room with a sink, toilet and shower head and drains. theres no toilet paper. which is actually far superior to TP. we have a detachable showerhead that is used for both showers and... other bathroom uses haha. its tough though cuz basically in the morning after i shower, it takes me a long time to stop sweating. even when i take cold showers. but i get better and more used to it each day.

the people here are crazy and the stores and cars are crazy. everythings crazy here haha. 

love you all and look forward to next week!
Elder Giblette

 Getting my new bike

 Ice cream with Joann, who was just baptized on Saturday

 Tawau airport

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