Tuesday, April 3, 2012


ok, here's the big one.
Travel Plans.
We leave to the SLC airport Monday April 02 @ 4:30 PM
We leave from SLC to LAX @ 8:20 PM
Arrive LAX @ 9:25PM.
Leave LAX @ 11:50PM (April 2)
Arrive Hong Kong @ 5:40AM (April 4)
Leave Hong Kong @ 8:05AM
Arrive Singapore @ 11:45AM (April 4)
These are local times. I think the bset time to call will be when im waiting in SLC. I also want to call from Hong Kong to let you know I made it across the ocean haha. but you'll have to figure out what time it will be for you when i get there. I have no idea how it works out with crossing the dateline haha. So let me know if hong kong will work out this week, otherwise I'll probly just call from SLC. if you think other times would work better just let me know. I'll be fine as far as luggage goes. I will be able to bring it all with me. I have $180 in cash so I'm set for that. I should be able to fit all i need to send home in one package, which I'll do this week. hopefully mom your last two packages are mostly food haha, cuz i can just give that stuff away. I can;t think of anyhting else I need and if I do I'll be able to get it from the store here.
Calling Card. I will plan on using that card I already have, although now that I think of it I don't think it is an international card (once again i dont have it with me...)so unless the hong kong time thing works out really well I won't worry about calling from there (unless you really want me to and you send me an international calling card [if that exists])
Visa. I don't have to worry about my visa. all we do is go to Singapore, and simply get our 90 day visa once we arrive. it is true that every 90 days we go back to singapore to renew the visa haha.

WE CANNOT WAIT TO LEAVE!!! seriously it was the best when the enlgish group came in that we did not have to send off, but we get to leave with them. Sometime this week i hope we get the chicken cordon bleu (spell check hahahaha) and if we get pizza on friday we'll be very lucky. From what we have gathered from our teachers, door-to-door proselyting isn't any more or less used than any other place. the whole thing with Muslims is that we simply cannot teach them. if we contact one like at their house we just ask them if they know where any christians live and tell them to have a good day. 

i feel like i should have much more to write about, but i think i've got everything covered. Elder Evans and Elder Saunders are doing well. i bump into them every once and a while. I think they both leave the same week. not sure.

I think i'll have another chance to email on monday before I leave. otherwise i look forward to your letters! I'm pretty sure that once we get into Singapore we can send a quick email home with our address and whatnot.

Love you all!

Elder Giblette

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