Wednesday, March 21, 2012


apa khabar ibu and ayah dan adik lelaki?! hopefully I remember to get all the info in today, but more importantly next week as it may conatin vital info haha.

Anyways, firstly thanks for the package! simply amazing! everyone loved the yoyos and they're always suprised to get anything, let alone a yoyo(even though i explicitly said not too hahah) and some candy. they love you so much haha!I just sent a bunch of letters yesterday so hopefully you get it tomorrow? ya about the Malay basics, as soon as i sealed the envelope I thought about a bunch more practical stuff haha. like yes is "ya" (like German- ask Kellen) and no is "tidak" or "bukan" but bukan has a little more specific uses.

As always I love the Dear Elders. I loved the note Sis. Stratman sent. I hope you read it. Awesome. She basically just told me how much she loved and appreciated me and told me some of her favorite scriptures and mission experiences. but I wanted to ask you for the Stratman's home address :D Oh ya and I don't know how I spaced this, but I think like the thrid week I was here the Greenhaughls sent me a package with a journal and candy in it! So sweet. I sent them a letter but next time you talk to Kumi be sure to thank her for me.

 We CANNOT wiat to leave! So many other districts we've become friends with have left in the past few weeks, and we're kind of "alone" here now. Elder Thee in my district is friends with a missionary who got reassigned to Fresno, Cal to wait for his visa. anyways he has been in the field for about a month and he jsut came back to the MTC last night and is going to leave for Samoa (original calling) on Thursday. He was telling us about how much better the field is haha! we seriously can't wait.

Thank you for everything! will have banyak information next week!!!!

Elder Giblette

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