Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Halo keluarge saya! Saya harap kamu semua hidup baik sekerang! (difficult to say what i was trying to say haha) I've come to find that the hardest part of Malay is that rarely do things we say and the ways we say them in English mean the same thing in Malay. As for the Malay you have used so far mom, about 50/50 haha. I sent a letter yesterday that says this, but when you said "saya cinta awal" (or something liek that) you were saying that you love me with a romantic kind of love hahaha! the word you should use for love is "syang". and the word you can always use for "you" is "kamu".
So i took a video on Sunday (actually a couple) and sent my card with the letter I sent yesterday. Hopefully it doesnt get crushed in the mail haha. i have another card, but it's only a half gig... so just send it back quickly. the letter has further info about that. I wanted to share something awesome I learned about thevery first chapter of the BofM this week. Just in the first 12 verses, we can see a pattern for how the Book of Mormon will be. v. 1: families v.3: keeping a journal v.4: Prophets v.5: Prayer v.6: prophesy v.8: visions v.9: Jesus Christ v.10: Apostles v.11: Scripture and v.12: the Spirit. I think it is so cool how much we learn about how the Lord works from the FIRST 12 verses! Also we learned a lot about the parallel of prophets' experiences throughout the BofM, including Joseph Smith. Both Lehi and Joseph Smith: have a question they cannot find the answer to, they both pray and receive an answer in the form of a vision, they both are charged with important work to do, and they are both harshly ridiculed for what they teach and testify of.
I'm pretty sure I ahve said this about three times already, but Elder Holland spoke to us last week and it was AMAZING. Also the British singer Alex Boye spoke to us on Sunday, but that's for another time haha. Elder Holland, among many other things, said that he "could not care less about whether we ever receive the book of Lehi because the start to the BofM we do have is already so amazing" and he went on to say "It's hard to imagine a better beginning to such an incredible book" The Book of Mormon truly is the word of God. There is simply no other book in the word that can compare to it. It has a completely unique ability to cause us to feel the Spirit and to gain answers to our problems. I am out of time, but I will write a letter this week and hopefully remember to write about this haha.
Elder Giblette
Oh ya i got my pants fixed, i have not gotten the big dictionary, but I am doing okay :)

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