Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Oh my sweet mother! I truly love your efforts in trying to use Malay words haha. I dont know about "sulung" I'm guessing you found that to be "elder", but we actually haven't learned a word for that and I'm pretty sure that we just stay with "elder" haha. sulung probly refers to a physically older person haha. the word for dictionary is kamus, but yes i did receive it I think last tuesday, right after I emailed you and said I hadn't received it haha. So hopefully you haven't been too worried about it this past week. It's the Collins one and it comes highly recommended! so good pick! I love how small it is and compared to other kamus we have it is much clearer. I guess you could call me "anak", but that's technically the term for children in general. Maybe go with putera (whcih means prince, or Holy Son) hahaha no don't use that...that's what we use to refer to Jesus Christ as His Son haha. I guess I would be your anak-lelaki (Child which a boy) if you haven't figured it out yet, Ibu means mother, and Ayah means dad (Bapa is more like father). So we pray to "Bapa kami di Syurga" (Father our in Heaven) I think that's one of the coolest parts of speaking, praying. I feel pretty confident that I'll basically be a fluant prayer when I leave the MTC! and as always i'm constantly amazed at my speaking abilities thus far. Truly there is no other place, no other purpose, and no other way in which someone could learn a language this fast. Our ratio of Gospel vocab to normal vocab is probly around 90 to 10 haha. In lessons, we are quite comfortable, but in normal everday speaking, we seem to have to look up words every other sentence. Most of that you can really only learn over there anyway our cikgu (teachers) say. Also i don't know what "anak muda Pahlawan" is supposed to mean haha.

We ahve not yet received our travel plans, but maybe this week! I almost don't want to get them yet because a missionary's focus inevidibly (spell check that) goes down the toilet once travel plans are received haha. Buty of course I can't wait to get out of the "Spiritual Prison" (just came up with that one) We are pretty sure our total flight/travel/layover will be in the realm of 24 HOURS! AYAH! Elder Reid in my district's dad works in the missionary travel department and the story seems to be that we will go to L.A. and then  go straight to Hong Kong, and then to Singapore, but nobody knows for sure! We're pretty sure we will leave the 2nd, but nothing for sure until we get travel plans.

 haha the time change hit us pretty hard actually. everyone could tell that they lost an hour of precious precious sleep. I think I have gained somewhere in the house of 10 lbs. but I'm not sure cause I didn'y exactly know my weight coming in, and the scale in the gym seem pretty unreliable to me. I am definitely tired of the food haha and certainly ready for what sounds like amazing food in Malaysia.

Welp, I'm outta time! I love you all so much and mom I LOVE the Dear Elders each day. FYI: Saturday at midday is the last time we get mail each weekend, so the weekend DearElders come Mondaty night. Keep em comin haha, I know I'll miss em. Dad, always grateful to read about the outside world haha and love reading your words of wisdom!

Banyak Kasih!
Elder Giblette

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