Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hotter in the states?!

as much as i didnt think i'd say it, it sounds like the weather over there is much worse than it is here! usually I would say it's in the 80s and it's always quite humid. a hot day will probly be in the mid 90s. cool is high 70s. but i'm not really sure because they use Celsius here and i think it's usually around 30 degrees C.

this week we finally got Riza baptized, who we have been teaching for almost three months, but she moved away from bandar (downtown) and couldnt meet as often. that was about a month 1/2 ago so we were finally able to get a baptism planned out and although it was kind of sloppily put together, it happened and it was great. We had to do it after church on Sunday, so she will be confirmed next week. It was good though because we had a lot of members stay, so that was nice. Riza was the girl who had a dream about the road the church is on. she is very faithful and I hope the branch welcomes her with open arms.

We have contacted A LOT of referrals but the work is still slow. The problem in Tawau is that because the majority of the population is people from Indonesia and the Philippines, many many people are illegal immigrants. So while we got an abnormally large amount of new investigators this week, we only had two come to church... Everyone we meet is simply to scared to travel around on the buses because they dont want to be caught and sent back to the philippines. So we're still trying to find ways to get people to church.

I have seen a little bit about the Olympics from TVs at McDonalds haha, but I dont really know anything. I'm glad I'm missing the summer olympics, because the winter are wayyy better haha. has the olympics ever been in singapore?? it seems like it should. it would be a great place i think.

Also this week i learned how to play an awesome game called (has many names) "main batu" which means "play rocks" It's a lot like jacks (bouncing the back and grabbing the metal things) but you have five rocks, and you toss one in the air and grab one rock off the ground and then catch the rock you just threw. cont until all rocks are off the ground. then there many variations, but all involve some form of throwing rock in the air and grabbing the ones that are on the ground. sometime i'll take a video and then some time later haha i can send that to you. anyways its pretty tough but really fun.

welp, not much else to say haha
love you all and hope you enjoy the pictures

Elder Giblette

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