Friday, July 27, 2012

Let us all press on


This past week has proven to be a toughy! we have had an unprecidented number of appointments and potential appointments fall through :/ but We don't really seemed to be affected by it. at least I'm not. of course it's tough and disapointing, I just have that, as dad puts it, "ability to let things roll off my shoulder" haha. I've definitely found that that's true. With Elder Trotter, I could see him trying to carry the burdens of failed appointments and such and blame himself. But he told me a few times that he could see that it didn't affect me the way it did him, and would be reminded that he didnt need to carry all that stress on himself. Anyways we are continuing in our efforts and finding possible new avenues through working with the senior couples.

Riza was able to recieve the Holy Ghost this week and it was great. I've definietly grown in my ability to give blessings and stuff. I've lost count of the number of blessings I've given since I got out here, and each time it's easier to give. It's good that most of the members here aren't shy and understand that they can ask for blessings. I think a lot of times before I would think of blessings for big sicknesses or things of that nature, but it is not up to the giver to decide whether it is needed or not. We as preisthood holders just have to be worthy to give teh blessing, and the blessee (?) is the one who exercises their faith.

President Mains comes to Tawau tomorrow and I'm excited to meet him. He won't be here for long and will do a house inspection, give interviews and then give training to branch priesthood and auxilliary leaders. then the next morning he will continue his journey. our house was clean enough to impress the Elder Atkinson (senior) who is a clean freak hahah. so we're not worried about the house inspection.

I had read a little bit about the Batman shootings... it is so sad the world we live in, and the power that Satan can have in the hearts of confused people. I can't belive that Jenna was in the theatre! crazy. So great that she was unharmed, and I hope her friend will recover. In other news, how was the movie? too soon to ask? I think the boys will have a great time in SD, and I wish I could join them.

I love you all aso much!
Elder Giblette

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