Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back to Malaysia

Well the temporary transfer held true. I am going to Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia. Its the capitol city of Sarawak, and ive heard it is quite large. Every missionary ive talked to says Kuching is the promised land, so I am really excited. Even though I wouldve been completely content with staying in singapore, kuching was actually the only other place I WANTED to go! 

Being in a ward here has been incredible, and i have heard that the branches in Kuching are some of the best in the mission. I hope that my lack of teaching in the past few months will not have an effect haha. 

Singapore is a tiny little island, but such a vast melting pot of people and cultures and religions. everything is clean and awesome, but in general the people are very prideful and think they're awesome. people here are in general pretty wealthy. 

Ya we still havent heard anything about the christmas call, but probly will at Zone Conference in a couple weeks. but kuching is a well developed city so i think we should be able to find a good internet place. the package has not yet arrived, but its not a big deal. it may even be easier if i get it at zone conf cuz then i can bring it back as checked luggage or something. to bring it with me at transfers would probly be literally impossible haha. hopefully i'll be able to send you guys something back for Christmas. it'll be late but what to do! 

I'm glad MN is finally getting snow. if there were two green Christmases in a row, i might not want to live there anymore... the info about movies and the Twins is great. hearing newws from news doesnt make me "trunky" or anything. i just saw an ad for wreck-it ralph, and hobbit posters are EVERYwhere. also E tyler told me what the book "life of Pi" is about. it sounds pretty good. so many of the non "big ticket" movies are coming out. so many movies missed! but thats ok haha. 

so i'll be flying to kuching on wednesday. oh ya and yes we have a cell phone per companionship, but nothing like iphone or ipad... ive heard they do that in some places in the states though.

tough to hear about all the people moving out though! thats weird that so many moving all at once. I remember being told that ali was gonna babysit, but i guess i forgot the reason haha. thats cool to go to hawaii haha, just another typical cruise trip, eh? 

christmas is celebrated pretty heavily here, even though Christianity is not that big. pretty much all the big cultural/religious holidays are celebrated equally. its pretty cool but of course no the same without cold or snow. idk how people live in the same temp all year round. but singapore does not use bikes at all. the roads have no shoulders, and we have copious amounts of public transport. thats really the one thing that singapore has dropped the ball with, cycling. but whatever. i think i'll have a bike in kuching, not sure though. 

today we are going to the modern art museum to see the LEGO exhibit. its the building that looks like a big orange peel or something. i think i sent pics of it... it should be pretty cool though.

not much happened as far as missionary work, but i hope/think that wil change in this new area :) 

sounds like everyone is doing well back home. tell kellen he dropped one point of awesomeness for not emailing me hahaha. but seriously tell him that

Elder Giblette

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