Monday, December 3, 2012


Welp. it happened. I got transferred again. but. this time in an emergency transfer to Singapore! so the sich is that a new zealand elder had problems getting into singapore in the past, but now the mission has gotten him a work permit to enter. he was going to go about a month ago, but the work permit got delayed in the paperwork and other things. so there was a threesome in his area, and also an elder here in singapore who as just bouncing around areas, with no companion. so i came to singapore! his name is E Schone, and he will be dead in Feb. I was told this will only be a temporary transfer, as new missionaries will come in the 12th, and then the new zealander will be coming to singapore. So i will either go back to malaysia in two weeks, or theres a chance i stay in singapore cuz there is an elder in singapore now who will be going home when the newbies come. i would love to stay here cuz its way sweet, and although i dont use malay at all, everything else far outways that fact. 

church in a ward, a very strong ward at that, was so cool. we kind of just melded into the background and were bossed around by our ward mission leader. our ward (woodlands ward) has most of the power players of the stake here. many of the stake leadership[ positions are from our ward. theyre way excited about missionary work, and they do something about it too. so much fun. 

Luckily our house and area is outside the donwtown, and there arent really any mall and shopping areas to distract haha. we moved into a new house, and it is so fantastic. i took pictures but this internet cafe wont allow me to connect my devices... i'll send those as soon as i can though. we are goin to the zoo today with most of the missionaries in singapore. it's often rated the No.1 zoo in the WORLD! E schone has been there before and says it is way sweet. 

the temp stays the same all year. singapore is more humid than malaysia though, but luckily we get around on foot and air-conditioned trains and buses. haha the public transportation here is quite amazing. everything about Singapore is so cool and clean and advanced and just awesome! Elder Schone has been in Singapore for 17 months, moving around areas within singapore. thats a story that i wont tell. but he's the expert of singapore basically. he knows a lot about singapore in general, as he has visited the history museum a few times. he is really smart and we often have deep doctrinal talks or discussion about just about anything. from the legend of zelda to Christ's millennial reign.

As far as sitiawan goes, they will most likely not have Malay speaking elders there anymore after the next big transfer in two weeks. So the few members will just be folded back into the Chinese/English speaking branch. Elder Tyler is with Elder Reeves, the new zealander until the transfer in Sitiawan. It will be tough for the few members, but it is necessary for the missionaries. there just isnt enough work in that small little town for four elders.

Well im running out of time. this has been a very eventful week with transfers but its alllll goooood. 

Love Elder Giblette

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