Friday, February 15, 2013

Almost fun

hello everyone!

so this week has been pretty normal for missionary work. we have met with franklin & chen a couple more times and i have really gained a testimony of bringing a member with us to teach. not only is the language a non-issue anymore, but they can see that a person like them, a normal person living in the same place, who used to be a member of the same church, also believes what the two crazy white guys believe haha. our member basically taught the lesson he came to. it was great. they will be out of town this next week, but both committed to find time to really read the Book of Mormon. they both have great potential and if they are baptized, they will be a great young strength to the branch. so i have high hopes haha.

this week is transfers! and E Reid is very surprisingly moving to KL. my new companion is another native too! he is originally from KL, so my language skills will increase even more haha. ive heard he is an awesome guy so im pretty excited. not sure why reid is being transferred, but he is excited to go to KL. our next zone conference is in March, so i may see him and other pals then. i thought this transfer would be a small one, cuz we will have to have to another big one when the new guys come in next month. but oh well. nobody can ever predict transfers haha, thats why i dont bother trying to guess.

also, today we tried to go on a kind of jungle trek thats far from Kuching, with monkies and the biggest flower in the world, but when we got to the place, the boats to go to the island (Bako) were stuck cuz of low tide.... so we took an hour bus for nothing... we'll try another week though. it sounds super sweet, complete with gangs of monkies that like to steal your stuff! i was hoping to have sweet pictures to send from that, but nope haha.

cant say im sorry to hear about your excess of snow...we are extremely in lack of the white stuff. many people wish it would snow here in malaysia haha, but they dont understand what the coldness feels like haha. they would just die haha.

super exciting to hear about all the missionaries going out! tell them to email me so they can be experts at the MTC haha. (paul and jason) where is leroy going? i always hear that he IS going, but i dont remember where... haha

so for chinese new year we visited a few houses of friends of our members. its pretty crazy. like all the shops are owned by chinese people, so almost all are closed haha. like all of them. its definitely a bigger deal tan christmas, and there have been many fireworks. i have a few videos of standing at the launch site of like mini 4th July caliber rockets. pretty intense when its 20 ft away haha.

im using a members comp and its being pretty slow.. so i cant send the one picture i wanted to send. i found a little slice of MN in my area. its a little lake in the middle of a housing division, looks just like home haha.

i should have an interesting email next week with a new comp and stuff. but this is all i have to report this week.

Elder Giblette

PS im glad my grub eating has made burnsville ward youth squirm haha

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