Monday, February 4, 2013

Bonus Time!

ok! so i now have a chance to redeem myself here. we're eating dinner with our branch pres and they let me use their comp for emailing :) so this past week has been good as i said. ok that should be good enough...

haha just kidding. the two new people we taught this week are two youngsters (20, 19; boy and girl; co-habitating) who are curretnly in dental assistant training. they are super nice and smart. there are a couple colleges in our area, so the little success we ahve is always with young people. but ya they areFranklin and Chen. hopefully i will have more good news next week about them.

so for my year mark we just had a normal day. but at the end we were at a grocery store and i got a sparkling apple juice. my comp bought a couple tubes of pringles, so that night we just ate and drank that haha. yes we finished both the tubes at one time haha. poor choice but ok to mark my year. 

the weather here is the same as always. sometimes it kind of rains on n off all day, sometimes no rain. haha pretty average. when it rains it doesnt rain very hard, nothing more than the usual MN rain. We're in the rainy season, but maybe Kuching isnt very rainy. 

tough to hear about the gunderson kid, but of course good to hear he's recovering. I cant believe jordan is home. I think for me, in thinking about going home, i'll feel like its not real until i reach the house. like even seeing you guys at the airport wont make it real haha. maybe not until i'm laying down in my own bed. (but i probly wont even do that cuz haydens there now.. haha) ya tell him to email me! i've figured that he wasnt allowed on his mission. or maybe he hates me... hahah

crazy story with that elder and Bro Davis! ya i obviously dont see anything like that happening to me, but ya certainly i have no idea the affects i am having on the future. awesome to think about. Ya so Tina was that member who was our "mom" :) she will be going to the Indonesian mission I believe, cuz she cant speak any english haha. but ya i think she'll just be a normal sister missionary. super exciting. also the news about most of my recent converts from Tawau is good too. I cant call them, but ive sent a few letters, and i email one the members from there. 

ive definitely thought about my first actions on returning haha. not that it distracts, but we all think about it alot haha. but i think the first thing i wanna do is go on a long drive with kellen and try to hear all the music ive been missing out on. that sounds like the greatest thing to me most days haha.

So "kuching" in malay means cat, and accordingly, this city has probly the most comprehensive museum on cats in the world. Is literally called "The Cat Museum" and its pretty fantastic. its got everything from the anatomy of a cat to popular ads that involve cats to trying to explain why cats do the things they do. but ya its dinner time now. i hope this round two makes up for my shortness earlier :)

Elder Giblette

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