Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Almost Halfway!

This week has been pretty normal as far as being a missionary goes. accomplishments, disappointments, and the like. One investigator who isnt able to read, and who has been meeting with elders for a while now has made good progression this week. We went on exchanges with the ZLs and they had an appointment with him (Niga) apparently one of our really good members has spoken with Niga and Niga expressed confidence in being able to kick his smoking habit and be baptized on the 24th of Feb. This member also told us that he is confident Niga can be baptized, and that he is sure he can help him quit smoking. So im not sure how this came about, but I hope that it will be as awesome as it all sounds. 
Our biggest struggles as far as work goes is turning potential investigators into investigators, and also getting our investigators to church.but we just keep trucking haha

The next time I email you I will have been out for over a year! I'm sure I will enter the time warp haha. not only has the past year flown by, but when speaking in different terms, it feels like im about done. So in this mission because we have groups of elders coming in about every 3 months, we also have large groups leaving every three months. So the next group to leave is in May, about 19 guys. then after that is E Trotter's group, then my current copms group, then MY group. I guess it doesnt sound that fast when i explain it to you haha, but thinking about it in those terms makes me feel like it will be over like next month haha. so ya i maybe that gives you a small glimpse into the minds of us elders. not that all we think about is going home, but it is often a talked about topic. (although there are some elders who talk of nothing but the desire to go home, unfortunately) one elder has a good idea though. there are 138 sections in D&C, so he is going to start reading from section 138, one section/day, backwards till section one. he will start that once he has 138 days left on his mission. i thought it was a very "spiritual" way to count down the days haha. I may do that, who knows. 

speaking of reading scriptures. one of the goals I set for myself was to read/finish reading the standard works. I am almost doen with the New Testament, and am already in Helaman in the BofM. I am at 1 Kings int eh Old Testament, and have not yet started D&C. So i figured that since i'm already mostly through the standard works, I'd make sure I finish them before I start any of the books over again. I know It wont take me very long (relatively) and I am most excited to read D&C. Before my mission, i could probly count on one hand the number of chapters ive read form the Bible... and reading the New Testament has been a very surprising and rewarding experience. 

Another cool thing this week was that a member from Tawau called me with some awesome news! first a little background: she is about 40, her husband has since passed away, but she has a very good job and spends all the time she can with elders. Anyways, she called me and told me that she had talked to Pres Mains and will be going on a mission THIS year! i think she will just become a normal sister missionary in this mission, but im not really sure what her status will be. Her name is Tina and im sure ive mentioned her before from my Tawau days. 

yes i do miss the snow! im sorry you guys are experiencing a less than favorable haha. but yes i will be excited and quite cold to be back into the land of winter! it is still the rainy season here, but not nearly as rainy as Sitiawan. 

thats all for now, folks

Elder Giblette

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