Wednesday, January 23, 2013

dan sebagainya...

google translate does a pretty good job of translating that, not sure how i would express it in Englsih. i think thats the biggest affect Malay has had on my English. not that i forget english, but its just easier to say little phrases and things in Malay haha.
so this week has been pretty good. we exceeded our goal of new investigators, which was way sweet, with 6 new. we met more than that, but they can only count as a new investigator once they accept a specific return appointment. we have some pretty good things in the works, and hopefully they pan out. one appointment fell through that i was really hoping would happen. a member from the Enlgish speaking branch has a childhood friend who lives in our area, and Sunday night he came out to go to the appointment with us, the guys name is peter. both us and this member had confirmed with Peter on sunday, but it didnt end up happening. the member guessed it was because Peter is probly scared of change, or was just nervous or something. Anyways we had met him earlier in the week and i still have a good feeling about him. there are a couple other people who are on date to be baptised, but its likely those dates will be pushed back to march. Anyways, things are good and i have basically felt like this area has a lot of potential since i got here.
umm E reid's accent is a bit annoying. but its okay. its very close to a british accent. i think im afraid that i'll start saying things like him haha. today we went bowling and i learned how to curve the ball. i scored 140 one game. its a lot more fun haha. one of the elders did it, and its a lot simpler than i thought it would be.
YA I'LL BE OUT A YEAR NEXT WEEK! as far as traditions, i know some elders have burned clothes, i'd heard of the tie snipping thing in the MTC. i dont know if i'll do anything haha. it'll probly just go by like a normal day. but i do think i'll enter a time warp and my mission will REALLY start to fly by. thats what ive heard happens anyways haha.

sorry but i dont have a lot of time to describe our area haha... we live like 30 mins outside of Kuching. its called Kota Samarahan, but i think we live like in between Kuching and Samarahan (according to google maps) we live like across the street from the second biggest university in malaysia, but there isnt really anything here haha. youd think you would have like a college town or something, but nope. just malaysia... haha
thats all for this week i guess.
Elder Giblette

Fried Segar Worm. actually quite tasty. but i know an elder who ate one live. cannot. tasted very like meaty, like pork or beef. really weird. the head was crunchy, not enjoyable to chew haha. but the overall taste was surprisingly good. 

this is a sweet government building in Kuching

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