Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Last of 2012

welp, this week has been a lot of things haha. odd, too much food, awesome, boring. So after i called you guys, we hung out at Pres house for most of the day. enjoying food, some small gifts even! then later we went to a couple other members houses and ate more food with them. its one thing in America to eat sweets and delicious western food and everything else, AT YOUR WILL FREE WILL AND PLEASURE. but its a totally other thing to go from house to house all day (one day we went to FIVE houses, but some elders went to EIGHT houses in one day!) eating rice and curry and pig and all other kinds of WEIRD food, but basically forced to do so hahaha. of course we missionaries are always so grateful to be fed, but what these people DO NOT COMPREHEND is that the human body actually has a limit to how much food can go inside... So the end of last week and continuing into this week has seen havoc on my bowels. i mean HAVOC. not sickness or really a great amount of discomfort, but, to put it civilly, many trips to the bathroom. including trips at members houses where the only way to clean is a water spigot and a bucket... but looking back, even that is way better than toilet paper. no joke. i will never use toilet paper again if i dont have to. American needs to get this thing right.
this week, spending Christmas away from home, has really made me realize that the traditions we do as a family each year, no matter how big or small, are what truly make Christmas Christmas. its not that i was sad to be away, I just felt like it didnt really happen haha. especially in 80 degree weather. anyways, ive come to the conclusion that this will simply be a two year period in my life when i dont really have any holidays, at least none that are like the ones i know. But thinking ahead, I will be VERY happy to be coming home in winter. i miss snow and cold, and coats, and hats, so much!
as far as work this week, it has been slow. we cant really make appointments cuz most are gone or busy for the holidays. but we did go door knocking and found an old lady that said we could come back this week. I think once the holiday season comes to a close we will be able to 1) have a regular missionary schedule 2) make appointments with our investigators and 3) do some missionary work haha
not much else to report. Its awesome to hear about all the awesome gifts everyone got! it gives me hope that i might get some cool stuff when i come home too hahaha.
Send pictures!
Elder Giblette

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