Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pictures First!

us and the branch presidents family eating dinner for his moms birthday

me trying on a like $400 bike helmet (sweet visor)

Elder harding, who has to go home to get an operation on his back. he was sick with salmonilla a few months back, and Salt Lake is worried he way not have recovered fully/properly. he should be able to come back to the mission after a 2-4 month rehab. if he doesnt come back thatll be NUMBER THREE from my group!
me giving my present to branch presidents mom, who had a birthday. a weird thing they do in Malaysia is wait until the party guests have gone home to open their presents... but i got her a wallet. she likes it.

the branch presidents son. pretty smart, knows like 5 languages, but a generally patience-trying child

the senior couple of kuching dancing at our new year's party.


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