Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Companion is Good!

so, i dont have much time left to email, but i'll get straight to business. in the past four days since my new comp got here, we have already done more work than in the last month with my last comp! haha its been very nice to get back into the swing of talking with people, teaching lessons, and best of, having new investigators come to church!
my new comps name is E Reid. he's from New Zealand. he is a little strange, and generally kind of awkward, but he is willing and wanting to do work. so i dont really care about anything else haha. we've met a few new people, and have kind of established ourselves with the investigators who already have baptismal dates, but havent been visited/talked to in a while. i cant share many details now, but im sure next week i'll have to good stuff to share. its been awesome hearing about your cruise adventures, and i'm glad you guys had a great time! my pre-paid hour of emailing time has flown by and i unfortunately have to close here...

sorry this was so short. enjoy the pictures!


Elder Giblette

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