Wednesday, June 5, 2013





So the small momentum we gained last week unfortunately did not carry over into this week.. But we can feel good about saying we tried. With our sweet Nigerian family gone, we really arent teaching anyone. We kind of have regular appointments with less-active members, but thats not the same haha. 


We were however able to attend two pretty fun events. Friday night was the birthday party for the daughter of one of the District counselors. there was a pretty good turn out, and a lot of good food and live-band kereoke. classic Malaysian fun right there, then Sarturday night was the spectacular wedding of the oldest daughter of the richest member in Kuching. it was held at the exclusive Borneo Convention Center of Kuching. Just a VIP magnet. with approx 500 in attendance, it was really quite the event. the best aprt was that Bro Lebanon, the father, set up the missionaries' tables with table that he felt were the most likely to accept an invitation to meet with the missionaries! So it was really like a giant district missionary activity haha. I guess it was actually a wedding reception, but it was ridiculous. like a 7 course meal haha, and not enough poeple at our half full table to eat it all. youd all really be surprised at me, I dont really hesitate to eat things now, except fish. I just still have a hard time picking the thread-size bones out. anyways, craziest thing, but really nice, was the baby octopus they had for the appetizer. Just straight up lil octopi. i ate it like it was a french fry haha. quite tasty. anyways, A really fun time and hopefully quite fruitful for missionary work.


This week will usher in the celebration of Gawai. or Harvest Festival. its a holiday the natives of Sarawak celebrate, and it (for normal people) involves returning to kampung, or hometown village, and just partying and drinking yourself dead. lasting anywhere from a week at kampung to never coming back hahaha. Our members of course dont participate in the drinking part, but everyone will be going back to kampung. unfortunately most before Sunday, so we will have a small sacrament meeting and then a potluck for Gawai. this is a dreaded holiday for us missionaries cuz (from what ive heard anyway) there is nobody in town haha. and basically all we will be doing is knocking on empty houses haha. But we will find joy in going to open houses and eating ourselves silly. i was Sabah last year for this, and was not effected in the slightest. So we look forward and also dont look forward to the upcoming weeks. already this past week people have been using the classic "I'm getting ready for Gawai" excuse, and say they have no time... Anyways, its certainly a unique experience for the missionaries serving in Sarawak.


i guess not much else to tell you guys. at this point i havent gotten moms message yet... haha so i'll wait and then add according anything she has to say :)


sorry mom. we're out of time! dont feel bad though. i still love you :)


Elder Giblette

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