Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fairy Cave!


So we had another slow week, but at the same time we were able to meet with a few less-active families that we have been trying to see. Even though only one came to church, we still had good lessons with them haha. Also, we were finally able to meet a few new investigators. So this next week we will follow through with them. Also this week our Nigerian investigators are moving to New Zealand, but not permanently. they will be coming back to Malaysia in August i think. anyways, I think they will find the church their, and also get baptized haha. that would be the ultimate. So we are really moving our focus to trying to meet with less-actives. Its always nicer to try to meet with people who are already members. But ya thats kind of the shift of our work. and we have also started using some new key indicators promoting and making more specific our less-active work. 

Today we went to fairy cave, really really fun. Its a cave, obviously, but the cool part was that it wasnt very i guess structured, and there were a lot of little offshoots that we explored. not too many small spaces, at least not that i tried to squeeze through. one crawl space that led to a small opening over about a 70 ft drop. pretty cool picture from that. speaking of that we got back a bit late and i dont have time now to upload pictures. next week though. all the missionaries in Kuching went, so that was pretty cool. 

I was able to find a part for my bike, and its good as new, so no worries there. The first week of June is Zone conference in Singapore, so we are looking forward to that. So idk if any packages will make it in time mom.. haha unless youve already sent it. Sounds like youre having fun though (mom) its good to do a bit a of traveling and visiting. Is Nathaniel going to BYU-Idaho? i seem to remember that. Im glad its raining on you instead of snowing haha. 

I guess not much to write about haha. transfers are at the end of June, but itll be 6 months in this area in a few weeks. pretty crazy. Im ready to leave haha, but i think i'll have to work extra hard before transfers to get out of here haha. but this week has given me a small ray of hope haha. this whole time ive just been hoping the work will pick up for E Hirschi. its tough enough to start a mission, but way harder when the area is slow and you dont really teach any lessons... Anyways, thats just a mission for ya. 

Love you all

Elder Giblette

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