Sunday, May 5, 2013

Skulls lagi

This week has not been much more easy than last, but we have had better success in meeting with members. both active and not so active. something cool related to that is that Pres Mains had a conference call with the other presidents in Asia and a major topic they discussed was balancing the teaching of new investigators with reactivating members. He pointed out that recovering a lost sheep is just as important as giving birth to a new one.
something else crazy is that they had discussed that the church is anticipating 90,000+ full time missionaries by July 2013!! craziness. So the focus i guess of the conference call was to discuss how best to handle such a massive influx of missionaries. I figured there would be a lot, but nothing close to 90,000! im sure this info is the most up to date, so treasure having such a connection to the front line haha

Today we went to the same kampung we went to with the member a couple weeks ago, but this time with other elders and some other members. we visited a hot spring so it was nice to soak our feet haha. nothing in the rules against feet soaking haha. In other news a large group of missionaries finishes next week, so there will be transfers. I'm almost positive I'll be staying here, so Samarahan will likely end up being my longest area. At least so far it is my longest area. I dont mind being here so much, but i certainly like a change in scenery. E Hirschi has been pretty much the same, but he said some of his first words in a lesson haha. All the elders going back to america makes me really want to go too haha, but I think i'll be fine for another 9 months. yup only 9 months left! Too bad I didnt try to time it to get back in time for Christmas. definitely I recommend that course for Kellen and anyone else haha

We do usually try to get together with other missionaries for p-day. there are 18 in Kuching zone, but maybe a couple less after transfers. We had to squish some elders into a few places for this last group, but now we will be a few less than we were before after this group leaves. But i think Kuching is getting special focus, as it is now the "powerhouse" of Malaysia. It will most likely be the first Stake in Malaysia. My prediction is within 5 years. but who knows. as a mission there is extra focuz on Kuching, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. these are the centers of strength, and from these will the church grow in the long-term future.

We do not yet have the printed version of the BofM in Malay. we received a letter from the first presidency at the end of March that it was published, so i expected it to get here in april, but hopefully now it will come in May. they set it up so that they will come directly to our houses from indonesia. I imagine its a massive shipment project haha, so the delays dont surprise me. But it will be pretty great to have them not only for the members but also for our studies haha. Now a real feat would be if the D&C and PofGP are done before my mission. That will kind of be stinky cuz we will have to give the triple combo in Indonesian still, but oh well, still alot better than nothing.

Anyways, I hope this slump we're in passes soon, and that through our members we can find success. Niga, our recent convert, is doing well. He passed the sacrament yesterday and during the water he forgot to wait for the cup to be returned and the member had to keep it until the end of the meeting haha. its awesome to see him already exercising his Priesthood! Sundays are a lot easier i guess than Sitiawan, where i have onyl had to impromptu teach a couple times. they ask me alot but i show tough love and tell them, "I'll HELP you teach, but YOU have to stand up front" haha. I always remember a talk that one of our APs gave about that sort of thing. He said that when we just do things for members who forgot, or who dont want to do something, like teaching a lesson, we dont give that member a chance to repent. Certainly part of their repentance in neglecting their duties is being "forced" to do it on the spot. The members have noticed that its not easy to get me to do something on the spot haha, and I think its making a small difference. I have given a few talks, but theyve been assigned beforehand. I really look forward to giving talks now, cuz theres always so much i want to tell the members as a whole, and giving a talk gives me a small chance to let them know what im thinking.

I probly wont be in Singapore again until June, and i will probly be here for Mother's Day. Wow two weeks! is it always the second Sunday or something? We know of a good internet place and will probly go there instead of our members this time haha

I do remember the sealing of testimonies mom! haha i think thats a great idea. super fun. what kid doesnt like digging? I always read a chapter from the BofM to start my studies. ive started to focus on the D&C and I love what ive read already. As for my conference thoughts, let me summarize by saying it was awesome as usual, and that I loved it haha.

well this has turned out to be a nice long email for you haha. one of the elders in my group who went home is getting married this week, so thats craazy haha

Love you all so much. your prayers are much appreciated!

Elder Giblette

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