Friday, May 10, 2013

Nuttin much

Another tough week, but with some highlights. Put forth some extra effort into tracting this week, no great results, but a few potential people. the tough thing for us now is meeting with people after we contact them at their house. so tough. but our nigerian family attended a baptism for the english speaking branch, and then went o church yesterday! so they are doing pretty well. it will be a bit tough though with them cuz they are going to New Zealand on the 15th, but the wife, Joy, only got a month for her visa... so they will probly go to look for a house or something, then come back to Malaysia, then try again to go back to NZ in november. so if they continue to progress, i imagine it will be prudent ot baptize them here in malaysia. it'll be fun though to refer them to missionaries in NZ though! they are moving to Hamilton, which has a temple, so if they stay there long enough they will be able to experience the church in a well-established part of the world. but i think nigeria has a temple..? so either way they should end up in a place where the church is strong haha. their names are Patrick and Joy, they have a 14 year old daughter, and a ten year old son. They are pretty awesome, but the only thing is helping them see the importance of really investigating the church. they are pretty accepting of us, and seem to recognize us as ministers of Christ, but it has not yet motivated them to read on their own from the BofM. so we will try to meet with them a couple times this week before they go to NZ.

Today we tried to go to a planetarium, but our member didnt know the showtimes, and we got there like ten mins after the show stared, and then us two had plans to go bowling with the other elders, and our member, Bro jeff, was pretty disappointed (even though he was late in picking us up haha) but we'll try again in the coming weeks. i think we are gonna try a cave trip next week. so we'll see. oh probly not cuz we'll be calling for Mother's Day!

So speaking of that, the easiest time for us should be Monday morning here. so that will be sunday evening for you guys. we can call (malaysia time) saturday sunday or monday. so monday will be easiest cuz its p-day, and that makes it actual mother's day for you :) I may call (with a phone) on any of the given days in case something changes. but its kinda too late in case you guys have any problems haha. but you shouldnt, cuz its sunday evening. but ya i just bought a new webcam, we're gonna go to the fastest internet place in Kuching, in the morning, so it should be a decent quailty skype haha. I look so much forward to it, and also cant believe how fast its come. i feel like i just talked to you guys. probly cuz im in the same area.

So transfers are this week, but nothing much is happening to us. I will most likely be transferred after this 6 week cycle is over, giving me like exactly 6 months in this area, making it my longest. many times i feel ok with being here for a long time, but also many times i really want to get transferred. not just cuz the work is slow, but i really like moving around and seeing new places and new people. really each zone, most areas even, are quite unique form one another in this mission. such diversity is great. love it.

Elder Hirschi has shown a little improvement, but the tough part is that since we dont teach many lessons, he doesnt have many chances to try out his Malay... super tough for him to be trained in this area. but thats life.

nothing else to say haha. im glad the winter is maybe over haha. i really really miss the change of the seasons. equator people really dont know what theyre missing!

Love you all!

Elder Giblette

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