Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Comp

So this week E Laycock left and has arrived home, and E Robbins came in. He is a pretty new elder. same group as E Hirschi, but he has seen a lot more of the mission than most elders already haha. since coming in, he has been transferred every transfer, so this is already his fourth area! He doesnt seem to be a problem elder or anything, I guess Pres Mains and the Lord cant figure out where to keep him haha. Anyways hes from New Orleans, so its cool to have a comp NOT from Utah haha. (although ive only had two of those so far) Anyways hes a pretty small in stature guy, and is very artistically minded. He has had some interesting experiences that he has shared with me, and overall a very unique and interesting person. We get along just fine so thats all i can really ask for haha. He has served a total of 3 months in Malay speaking areas, but just came from KL, an english area. So he has a lot of work to do on his Malay, but hopefully he can stay in this area for a while and get his language skills solidified. I kind of take this as my second chance to train a young guy in his language, as E Hirschi struggled and continues to struggle. The members seem to be a bit disappointed though haha.. they must have gotten used to two elders who had good language. oh well.

So in business news, I had an interview with Pres ains, and he is not sure if i will be released on the 16th Jan, or the 27 Feb. he says it depends on how many missionaries come in on the jan transfer. may need to keep an elder for an extra transfer in order to keep the numbers even. i told him im fine with either. It would be pretty cool to finish in my birthday, and i'd be a rare missionary who has 3 birthdays as a missionary. Anyways, thats that.

This week we had District Conference for the Bintulu District, and Elder Larry Wilson of the general 70 came to be here. Elder Chan from Kuala Lumpur, an Area 70, also came. I had the great privilege and opportunity of translating for Elder Wilson several times. It really made me think about the great challenge it can be to make sure everyone "receives the Gospel in their own tongue" but i think i did ok and afterwards received many compliments form the members. (this doesnt help my ego as i already feel i may have the best Malay among all the elders in the mission..) 

Most of the messages were about how we can build our testimony through the basic things. praying, reading the scriptures, and going to church EACH week. several of the members gave very impressive and informative talks. Its always reassuring to me when members can speak to their fellow members, and become examples to their peers. there's an unavoidable disconnect when a white guy they've never met before comes for two days, and his messages are translated by another white guy... haha but overall i think it was a very good conference!

So last week, Puyang was NOT baptized dad. but this week we reset her baptismal date for the 31st of August. She is a sweet older lady, who has a member sister. She loves visiting and learning with us, but often has trouble remembering what we teach. As much as we wouldve liked to see her baptized last week, i think it is good that she will take more time. i explained this to her and she agreed.  

This week I hope to familiarize E Robbins with our area and investigators, and he says that he likes it here so far. Its really a great area to be in, especially as a young missionary. because we are able to fill our days with teaching appointments and visiting members. since ive been here I havent done ANY door knocking or that kind of tracting. All the new investigators ive found have been through members.

Im so glad Kellen and Hayden are going to the boundary waters! when i went i had a complete BLAST. definitely the best high adventure of my life!

Girls camp sounded like it was fun mom. i wont be surprised if M and D take some convertible trip this week. it seems like nowadays thats all you guys do haha.
Thats cool that there is a new Temple film. I do miss the temple quite a bit, and I will never again feel to say it is too far away after having been here. I guess I remember most of it, but its hard to say haha.

So crazy about all the people I know serving missions, especially from Burnsville Ward alone! funny about the plaques, guess its time to move the old timers out...

not much else to say i guess. Love you all!

Elder Giblette

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