Sunday, July 28, 2013


The pictures of you guys in Rexburg were fantstic! i didnt really recognize the place where kellen and kenz were standing.. close to the cafeteria? when i was there they were making some big changes/additions to a couple places on campus, i imagine theyre finished by now and look really nice. Im glad you went to pizza pie cafe, its the best haha. i would kill for unlimited pizza. no matter how poor the quality. i hope you remembered me and ate a few slices in my name :) 

so ya i totally spaced on my package haha, but im sure whatever you put in there will be perfect. i wont worry about asking for anything else haha

So today and tomorrow are E Laycocks last days in Malaysia as an Elder, its been a blast serving with him and this past week we've had a few going away parties for him, where we are heftily fed. love it. it would be awesome for me to finish here cuz i would have already been here six months, and the members would really love me and throw me some big parties as well haha. theres a decent chance it could happen. I think i'll definitely stay here for at lest one more transfer cycle though.

So the baptisms that happened went really well. The lady, Puyang, that we were planning on baptizing was not because the elder who interviewed her did not feel she was ready, but its ok cuz i kind of felt the same way and she is just as willing to learn as she was before. one of the little girls we were teaching, Sylvia,  actually turned out to be 8 haha, so she was baptized but not as a convert. the other little girl, Angela, was baptized along with our champ, Justin. He's 19 and is a pretty solid kid. I did two of the confirmations, and thats always cool. If i end up staying in Bintulu here, the end of my mission will be like the start of my mission. filled with great members and baptisms. so the middle of my mission was filled with trials and tribulations hahaha. it really is different when you plan your days around teaching appointments instead of where you will tract and how you will fill your time. I guess i learned my lesson or the Lord gave up on trying to teaching me how to do that haha. either way, im very happy to be where i am now.

So according to that picture of kellen and kenz, kellen is taller!! true or not true?? dang, im coming home to a family of giants and monsters. whenever i tell people that im the shortest boy in the family, they never believe me haha. monsters... also my pictures of george are always a big hit among the people here haha, they always say hes really big haha, and they love his fur (hair?) the cats here are generally scrawny and boring as far as colors. also almost all of them have stubs for tails.. im told its cuz kids grab their them and twirl them around haha. 

We started teaching one of our members cousins, named Andam. He hasnt been baptized into christianity yet, and he expressed really great desires to do so. saying that he wants to fill his soul, cuz it feels empty. wants to receive the blessings that he has seen others receive. all in all a really solid guy who i am excited to teach! 

today for the last p-day for Laycock and the last p-day before transfers, we're gonna have a bbq with all the missionaries here and then go play badminton. we get transfer news at 12, so i will find out who my new comp is. should be a fun day considering we are going to FHE/party tonight :) 

Love you all!
Elder Giblette

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