Saturday, July 6, 2013


So this week is transfers. and as of right now i cant say Im happy about where im headed off to... Im going to Bintulu, which is also in Sarawak, but is a smaller city, and is poorer, and the branches are weaker there. My companion has six weeks left, hes cool, so thats good, but i dont know/like anyone else in the zone... I'll admit i'm somewhat down, but not terribel. Im sure its not as bad as what ive heard or what i think. prayers not a few will be asked from me, for me haha. I actually anticipated such a transfer, and told myself that if it happened I would just do my best and try to be a good missionary, and the rest will be in Heavenly Father's hands. I guess the hardest part is leaving Kuching, where I have many elders who are my good buddies, and going to a zone where i dont really have any.. 


In other news, we had a GREAT week with Kelvin and his wife! We taught a great lesson Sat night, in which we started teaching the Restoration, and I feel like we established a good foundation of prophets and priesthood and those kinds of things. The best part was that Kelvin came to church and brought his 7 year old daughter! He seemed to enjoy church, but its always a bit unsettling when the branch you try so hard to bring investigators to isnt functioning exactly the way it should.. But he brought home a Gospel Principles book. He and his wife are strong readers, so hats really good. They are now in E Hirschi's hands and his new comps. 


One amazing thing that happened with them: Karen, Kelvins wife, skimmed through the BofM, and happened to come across Moroni 8, which mentions the doctrine of "infant baptism is a wicked abomination." so i was a bit worried, but it lead to a good conversation about the age of true accountability, and it then led to Karen saying, "Then in he next verses it says that infants who die go to heaven. is this true elders?" (something to that effect in Malay) We said yes and she went on to explain that they had a child a while back who only lived two days.. I know that these words fro the BofM brought great comfort and hope to them. 


I have gained a great testimony of the power of speaking the truth, and letting people read truths from the BofM o gain a testimony of it.


I love you all, next week will be contain a lot of new stuff haha!


Elder Giblette

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