Sunday, July 28, 2013


So we have had a pretty great week actually! Almost all our investigators came to church, all that came are progressing really well. We have a baptism planned for the 27th of this month for four people, and so far it looks like they will all make it, perhaps even bumping one person up to make it a five person baptismal service! but we'll see haha. 

The one tough thing was that we have a new family investigating and the whole week we have been committing them to come to church, and they said they could come. The plan was to have the senior couple bring them, just this once so they could see where the church is, and yesterday morning they were waiting outside their house when we came to get them. So we were super excited cuz we of course thought they were waiting for us... But it turns out they were waiting outside cuz some guy was coming to lend them money or something stupid like that... so when the Vaughans (senior couple) came, they were like, "uh no, we arent coming to church.." soo ya haha we were pretty frustrated, confused, and angry haha. To add on to that, the less-actives that live right next to them were also up and about, and we told them they could come to church, like the had said they would, but they pulled out the classic bag of lamest excuses ever. I dont want to rant too much cuz it makes it hard to love the people haha. So suffice it to say that yesterday night as we were discussing them and what we can do to help them, we were pretty disappointed.. but such is missionary work. 


One of the people we are teaching is named Justin. Hes 19 and a pretty solid kid. speaks a very little bit of english, but likes to mix in the english he knows when we are teaching haha. Hes learned just about everything, and hes one the people getting ready to be baptized on the 27th. He moved here from a city called Sibu, which is a different area in the mission. but he moved here with his aunt. A pretty solid kid, and i think hes understands what we are teaching pretty well.


Sounds like you guys had a great time with your pals from California. Awesome that you gave them BofMs! about referring the missionaries to them, I would suggest calling them first and seeing if they would be interested, rather than just having two missionaries randomly show up. maybe give them a little time to read or something. I loved hearing about how Catherine let you know mom how she had felt a difference between our home and her friends. It is so great to hear about your own missionary experiences! But definitely pray to know what the best way of going about it is. 


For 4th of July, we did nothing.. well i guess thats not true. two of our members had birthdays so we went and enjoyed nice food and good times with them. We have really great relationships with our members here, and it is not too difficult to find people willing to follow us to lessons. It is also helpful that the area is relatively small, and there area two major centers of member population. A very welcome change from Samarahan. 


So i have some news.. My release date has been moved up to Jan 16th! its really weird to like be informing you, but its only 6 months away, and i know how you like to plan for things far in advance mom! haha. so ya jan 16 will be my release date. Its because Pres Mains made it so that we go home in line with the 6 week transfer cycle, in order to avoid a transfer right in the middle of a cycle. So thats as of now the date. i dont imagine itll change, but I will be having an interview with Pres Mains in August, so i guess i might be able to confirm it 100% then. 

I guess its weird for me to talk about it cuz the release date seems like the part of the mission that never happens haha. But its coming..FAST 


Love you all

Elder Giblette

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