Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nuttin special

So this week was pretty good with teaching people. We were able to pick a baptismal date for the two boys that wanted to learn for the end of september, so that will be fun to work with them in the coming weeks and months. Unfortunately though only one of our investigators was able to come to church this week, so that was tough. One of our members brought theyre non-member cousin who is married to a member to church this week, and he seems pretty interested. So this week we have an appointment with him. I feel like our work is really premium right now, because we have people being baptized this week, but we also have a good number of people who are jsut starting to meet with us. They call it "escalator work" where you constantly keep going up; as opposed to elevator work where you bring people to the top but then have to go all the way back down with brand new people. The coolest part is that i dont really feel that we are particularly doing anything to make that happen, but the Lord is really in control instead. Its a great feeling to know that i am trying my best the let the Lord direct the work, as it is His work, not mine.

So Puyang, Justin, Sylvia and Angela are all set to be baptized this week. We changed it to sunday morning before church, so itll be a busy and exciting sunday! We have a couple going away parties for E Laycock, so we will definitely have some fun! This is certainly the best way to end your mission: four-person baptism on your last weekend! 

sorry i dont have much to say this week..

It sounds like you guys are havin fun traveling about. on moms questions: it is incredibly humid here;  we have several air cons in our house; i did not get a camelback; my bike is doing really well, i dont wanna bring it home haha, too small and not that great at all :) 

E Laycock is from Lehi Utah, he went to a couple semesters at UVU before he came out. he reminds me a lot of Carson actually, and we get a long really well. 

i am doing fine on all those things :)

Although i dont always comment on what you guys are doing or the news you share, please know that i appreciate it ALOT ha. Pres Mains comes to Bintulu in two weeks for district conf and i will have a chance to interview with him. thatll be cool. 

What did you get at the Malaysian place?? Satay is a fairly popular food here, i really like it. did you get any? (small amounts of chicken or pork or meat on skewers, BBQ'd, but served with an awesome peanut sauce) did you have that? haha if its not similar to that description its not authentic :D

Love you all!
Elder Giblette

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