Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lots o' pics

Laycock and I

Rose (investigator) and her family. Rose is the girl sitting to the left of the guy in the blue shirt.
from left: Sis. Tiffany, E Laycock, Vivianna (Rose' daughter), Rose, Bro Musa, Carolina (Bro Musa's daughter), Bro Gelbert, Me, Sis Ensuna

Sungai Plan chapel, which is the other chapel in Bintulu, we use a different one. nice column right in the middle haha. the chairs are facing backwards in this picture for the party, but the stand is in the background.  

packed 11 youth girls into the senior couples van haha!

me killing laycock ("do not enter" sign)

Sis Eda and Bro Martins sweet family

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