Saturday, July 6, 2013

Super Saturday



pretty good week this week! at first we were kind of struggling to get things going as far as bringing members to teaching appointments, but in the end we did ok. highlight was Super Saturday. A District Youth activity where all the youth form the Bintulu District (4 branches) come together and just like play games and do activities together. its great! we played a big game of capture the flag and then lunch and some other little fun things. We would play a little game and the the losing team would have to do some kind of thing as punishment for losing haha. example: one losing team had whipped eggs rubbed in their face haha. another example: walk around the circle of teams while imitating a handicapped person.. hahaha a great example of Malaysian political correctness...


We started teaching a girl named Rose the week i came here, and she is doing pretty well so far. She read through the intro to the BofM and almost all the testimonies, and we didnt really commit her to read much at all haha. She isnt too educated so she had a hard time understanding some of the words and stuff, but mostly the names of people and places. Shes the only member of her family who isnt baptized, so it not too difficult a situation as far as her fellowhipping goes. we are hoping that as she prepares for baptism we can help her less-active family members come back to church as well. Shes 19 and a baby girl who is 1 already and is the cutest little girl ever! 


We have a few other people on date to be baptized, and they are all also doing pretty well. id like to tell you all about them, but that would take too long haha. so i'll just pick one to talk about each week


I always love hearing about what you guys are doing at home. it sounds like you had a great trip mom, i also often ponder on what adam-ondi-aman will be like during the Millenium. sorry to hear about the boat motor dad! :/ but i couldnt tell you what id give to go on a fishing trip to Kab. those pictures were like pictures of heaven haha


So this area continues to be awesome! Elder laycock and i get along really well, we are both veryr experienced, we both speak the language really well, and we are just helping our investigators. I  imagine this is a rare period of time, where both missionaries know what they are doing, and the both get along as well. I am  certainly cherishing these 6 weeks until transfers! (E Laycock is finished after this transfer cycle) which finishes the last week of July/ first week of August. I could see myself finishing my mission here, but its hard to say. So far it sounds pretty good to me!


Love you all!

Elder Giblette

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