Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy New Year

This week has been one full of big ups and big downs. 

i'll start with the downs first. mostly just one down actually. E Jensen has been feeling quite ill again for the past week and a half, and it was finally too much this week so we went to a private hospital in town. After the meds they gave him seem to worsen his condition, we went back on Friday, and now luckily the meds seem to be having some positive effects. but in the wake of this illness, we were not able to do much proselyting, as E Jensen needed to rest all day, having not the energy to go out. we were however able to visit a few members. 

the ups.

So New Year's was awesome! one of our member's took us to her longhouse, about 20 mins outside of town, and there we had a nice meal of BAT. yup. the flying animal that navigates by sonar. bat. it was bascially fried, with some kind of vegetables. (they looked and tasted like sticks haha) anyways, the bat itself was cooked whole with the head and all. it was a bit gnarly at first, difficult to fin the meat/ then the members said the skin was the good part, and i honestly enjoyed it. the skin had almost a bacony texture. nice. so i went back for seconds haha. much better the second time. so i can check that one off the list now haha. after that we went to another member's house and shared a nice big meal with them. after that we went back and had some fun with fireworks :) unfortunately the fireworks from other people werent impressive. everyone is just saving up for chinese new year. 

then, at the end of the week is when the real miracle occured: earlier in the week, the zls told us about a member who had recently moved to bintulu from  miri, into our area. so we had planned on calling him saturday, to help him find where the church is, but he was more proactive and called us thursday. he then called for directions to the church sunday morning and we then met him there. at this point i was already impressed cuz most members move and then fall off the radar. so after he and his sweet wife and small child stayed for all three hours, he pulled me aside and asked, "elder, how long do i have to wait before i can be baptized?" haha i nearly fainted... After recovering from the shock, i explained hoe we normally teach people for about 2 months before they are ready. we then scheduled an appt for this tuesday. It turns out he investigated the church a couple years ago in bintulu, and then moved to miri for work, where he only went to church one time. i dont really know how the missionaries found out about him moving to bintulu, but they did, and he himself, Gandi, did the rest. It really will go down as one of the most miraculous moments of my mission. so i hope i can get the teaching started before i leave, and then E jensen and whoever his comp is will be able to teach this wonderfully prepared family.

my time is running short as i have had an unusually large load of emails this week. (not complaining) so i would be happy mom to write a few of the many things i have learned :)

I cant wait to come home, and i never want to leave this place! 

We got to singapore on wednesday and come back friday evening. so thatll be cool. its a misison tour combined with zone conference, so Elder Larry Y Wilson will be there. nice. he's tha same Elder Wilson i translated for here in bintulu at district conference. 

see ya soon!!!
Elder Giblette

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