Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Subject: Re: We're Back!

Hey dad! (and mom) I'm starting to get into the routine of the MTC finally, so now it;s just kind of a matter of time haha. The cruise sounded awesome, especially the part about two old farts body boarding. But that's more fun than what I've ever done in the ocean haha. It's seems hard to imagine you and warren being tossed around hahaha.
So my district is six elders, no sisters. They were originally goin to have one Singapore district, but about half the elders sent in their reception letters so they were only planning on about 8 missionaries originally. So there are 11 total going to Singapore, with two sisters. they split us into two districts, the other having a threesome of elders. Two of my companions are from Arizona, one from Utah, one from Hawaii, and my companion is an military child so he's kinda from everywhere. He's got a few quirks and he's overall kind of an awkward kid, but he's really smart and I'm starting to get used to him. He got a 34 on his ACT! he did a semester at Provo and he thinks he wants to major in some kind of mathmatics.

A typical day in the MTC, well all weekdays except P-Day have the same thing, but switched around depending on the day. So we'll have breakfast at 8:00, sometimes with daily planning before that, we'll have lunch at 12:45, and dinner at 5:45. Everyday had two seperate 3-hour class times, and then an hour of language study, an hour of learning the language with a computer program called TALL. and basically Personal Study time to fill in whatevers left. We go back to residence at 9:30, and quiet time starts at 10:15, then lights out at 10:30. the freetime at night flies by so fast it's hard to do much. I've found it relaxing to sew/repair stuff like ties and stuff.

I brought more stuff than I think anybody else, and we're slowly gaingin bit n pieces from our teachers the things we need or don't need. The language is coming along, I'm always amazed at how much I already know after only two weeks. I'd write some stuff in Malay but it kinda takes a while still and I don't have much time. Most of our learning materials are actually in Indonesian because the church has been there longer. Indonesian came from Malay, so it's really similar, but it's really frustrating because you'll learn something in Indo, and then our teachers will say that's wrong because it's not the same for Malay... oh well. the dictionary our teachers wanted to get are out of print, so they're currently working on finding another, but they suggested that we try to get one sent to us. They said you should not have to spend more thatn about $40 to get a good one. So it would be really helpful to get a Malay to English, and English to Malay. They said you could probably look on amazon for one. I'm out of time but I'm gonna try to print out some pictures and send them cuz I don't think there is a way to uupload them in an email :/
thanks for everything! Love you so much!

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