Wednesday, February 22, 2012


That's so awesome about the Lowry's being sealed!and awesome to learn new things. thank you for the reminder about garments, sometimes I definitely see when missionaries aren't so careful to remember their importance. The email isn;t working right, so i had to compse a new email and cannot see exactly what to reply to. I'm glad you were able to find a dictionary, I'm sure it will work just fine. we haven't heard anyhitng about ours yet so go ahead and order that one. thanks! it's been frustrating having to share one between the whole district.
bad news haha, long story short I ripped the inseam on one of my slacks! Luckily not one of my suit slacks, but I don;t know if i should take em to the alteration place here, or if i should send them home. let me know! that story about hayden is awesome haha. at least ONE thing good is coming from the xbox. I can't to get my package haha. as for the birthday thing, surprise us on whther its brownies or cupcakse. donuts are actually awesome as well. I love my district/companion more everyday. unfortunately i have gone into negative time, so i must wrap up :/ I will write a letter today so i can write whatever i want haha. sorry to anyone else reading this, i only have a half hour to email so if you would like to hear from me the best way is to write a letter or use the Dear Elder service.

Love you all!
Elder Giblette

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