Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello Everybody

I had actually almost forgtten that Pres Mains had come this past week haha. its weird writing about the last half of last week and the beginning of this week... anyways Pres mains is pretty cool. really like laid back, but i think he's still adjusting to being in Malaysia. when he came for the house check it was really just to actually see our house and what it was like. at the end he was like, oh ya and its really clean too, nice job elders. hahaha sis mains is just like a mother also, just like sis clark was. sis mains is funny in how much like a mom she is. i guess its weird cuz the mom i have now is a malayasian haha. i miss you mommy! (also learned this wee that only rich kids say "mommy" haha) Ya so the night they came they did the house check, and then we had a fireside. Originally we were told it was a preisthood and auxiliary leader training mtg, but the morning of the APs called and asked how many of the members we were expecting to show up... haha but it actually turned out that a lot of people were able to come. Basically Pres and sis mains bore their testimonies and gave a short life story about themselves and their family. i would say their family has served the broadest missions. 7 kids; two to italy, one a brazil, one to taiwan, one to california Mong speaking, one to argentina i think, the other i dont remember. but 6 elders and one sister. pretty cool, and pres mains served as an elder in korea as a young man. now theyre in singapore/malaysia. pretty crazy. When he interviewed me it was only to get to know me a little bit. basically just wanted to know my hobbies, interests, studies in school. i also got to translate for sister mains while chatting with members, so that was fun.

well since we are struggling to teach people, i dont have much to write about :( we are still trying to meet with members and at least we are getting really good at teaching recent converts haha. a girl we have been teaching for about three months now just finished reading the Book of Mormon. her name is Lot-Lot (nickname) and yesterday as we emt we asked her why she read it so fast. she said that anytime she would just be sitting around the house, sh said the book would "pull" her to read it, and she would read. I told her that was the Holy Ghost pullig her, and she was kind of surprised. even though she has been asked amny times before, we asked if she would follow the counsel of Moroni and pray to know if it is true. she said she already knew it was true "because it is spcirpture" we told her that she still needed to pray about it because when the Holy ghost gives her an answer, she will not be able to deny it. she said she would and I think she will. In general she is a very curiouis person, simply liking the gaining of knowledge. Ling-Ling, who was baptuzed last month, is her sister, and they both read a lot and ask a lot of questions about the church. They've asked about polygamy, joseph smith's life in general, about garments haha, temples. Its cool to go and visit and teach and be asked questions that are more "in depth" about the church, and I've really learned alot by being forced to answer such questions.

this past week i also finished "Jesus the Christ" and it was AMAZING. my mind was opened so many times and i truly feel like i can answer the question, WHO is Jesus Christ? I highly suggest reading it if you have not already. I am now starting to read "Articles of Faith" another classic by James E. Talmage. and i'm excited to learn about the basics again.

I love you all and I know that this is the only true church and I cannot wait to start sharing about new and exciting investigators again haha! Love, Elder Giblette

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