Monday, August 20, 2012

This week in Tawau

This week has been pretty darn good :) The recent flood of referrals last week has turned into solid inverstigators and more referrals. It has been really good to get back into the swing of teaching instead of finding. This week we will be going to Miri for zone conference and it will take up all of wednesday thursday and friday as far as proselyting goes. But i am excited to see other elders haha. Of course I love e tadius but Its nice to see other people who speak english.
We finally got a new piano for the church, fropm the church that can play itself. Since Tawau has nobody that can play piano, and with a half broken piano, we have been using cds to sing hymns. it really has not been great. So we got a digital piano that can play itself and has almost all the hymns already programmed into it. It has a couple play modes, and one of them you just press any key to the rhythm of the song, and it will play. so i fooled a lot of people into thinking I was suddenly able to play the piano haha. its pretty fun, and i sometimes convince myself that i can play... So i think itll be a really nice change for the members here and

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