Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lots to talk about!

This past week was super fun in Miri! WE went to the Niah Caves, which were AMAZING. pictures to follow. ya and of course it was awesome to see E Trotter again. The Conference was also pretty good haha. It felt really small cuz there were only two zones there. I think like less than 20 missionaries, plus the seniors. We did get to walk around the city a little bit. It's a lot bigger than Tawau and its a lot nicer too. speaking of that, Malaysia in general is indeed a stinky place. not like everywhere is stinky, but there are defintely spots that are always stinky, and there is definitely the random wave of stink in any given place. tawau is not a busy, bustling place.

Elder T and I basically only speak Malay. I occasionally throw in some englsih if the english word makes more sense. but ya he is not godd at speaking, even though he understands a lot. Its like physcially difficult for him to speak english haha. English is spoken from the back of the mouth/throat, and malay (and most other languages for that matter) are spoken more towards the front of the mouth. the "s" sound is really hard for him to make, also a lot of other common sounds in the english language haha. But ya i pretty much feel comfortable talking to anyone. I'm to the point where i just have to ask for words that i dont understand, rather than phrases or sentences. Despite the absolute simplicity of this language, i know I will never understand all of it. just like every other language, you have to grow up using it, go to school and speak it with other kids. I'm convinced nobody could learn American english unless they went to school in america haha. Elder Tadius hit his year mark in June or July. so about 10 months left.

I finally got my camera back in Miri!!!! it totally works and i've missed it. I forgot how nice a camera it is. but ya now i'll be snapping pics again

So the caves we went to were way bigger than i thought they would be, and we went adventuring big time. We found a couple little tiny caves that were off the boardwalk path. one turned into a crawl only tunnel where only one person could fit through at a time. it led to essentially a straight drop off shaft that opened up over a large cavern. probly about 400 feet drop... for real. pretty freaky but way cool. that flashlight i brought is way nice, and you can take off the focuser and just have like a candle. it was super bright in the dark caves and put everyone else's to shame for sure haha.

not much else to say. the pictures will hopefully speak for themselves haha. one of our new investigators was able to come to church for the first time yesterday, so that was way awesome.

Elder Giblette

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