Saturday, September 8, 2012

My mission, duh

Hello all,
decided to make a new email thread instead of replying, and the result is a funny subject line, so you're welcome for that haha
also i may forget to answer some questions or address comments as i cannot see the latest email on the same screen... anyway if this is confusing you mother dont worry about it hahaha
this week has been pretty average as far as our investigators go. we had some really good lessons with one guy, Daniel, and weren't able to meet with another, Amy, after she cancelled two different days. So thats pretty normal i guess haha. It has been nice to be teaching again somewhat regularly, but we also dont have a big enough investigator pool and it is usually like teach one investigator a day average for now. but this week we visited with a lot of members and it has really been nice to visit with people who are of the same faith haha, and also to strengthen and be strengthened by them. There is an awesome family that basically live in the middle of the jungle, and they have ten kids! the oldest 15. youngest not yet one year. they are probly the strongest family in the branch, because their kids basically make up the branch primary haha. they are seriously the most well behaved kids i've ever seen, and they never all! anyways the best part of visiting with them is feeling the amazing Spirit that constantly resides in their home.
A typical day in Tawau... Well we get up at 7AM and then have studies/breakfast/lunch until about 1-2PM. thursdays we have weekly planning and usually dont leave until about 4PM. studies are personal study, companion study, and language study. Early afternoon of each day is definitely the hardest part to fill. nobody is home to contact, and everyone is still working... So usually we try to visit members or call old investigators. or also try to find new places to contact. Evenings we fill with appointments with investigators and/or recent converts. We go back home between 9:30PM and 10PM. I dont think i've ever told you that our schedule here is pushed back 30 mins than the regular schedule. yup thats us. one mission "tradition" is Big Mac Monday, which encourages elders to eat lunch at McDonalds on Mondays. but i think its been affected by the P-day change haha
As for the sending of a package home to you, what i meant was that there are two methods. the normal, which is by air, that takes a few weeks, or by boat, which is much cheaper, but approx 3-6 months to arrive... so i will definitely use the by air. i'm not sure how much it will be but I know i have enough money in my account now to cover it. also your question about christmas. dont worry about sending a package way early like in october. Just send it to arrive about Christmas time.
Speaking of that I am essentially anticipating becoming a trainer when the new missionaries arrive in the mission (Sept 18) there are 27 new people coming and basically everyone will be a trainer haha. but we've determined its not a sure thing because becoming a trainer or not will probly depend more on how long tou have been in an area than on how good a missionary you are. but these are just the ideas of elders haha. so if i become a trainer i will go to Singapore and then that means my next visa run will be in December, so i guess if my package comes in December i'll probly be able to pick it up myself.
Also my P-Day shoes are wearing out (mostly wear n tear from gym time at the MTC) and i think the best thing to do is jsut to order some more from the vans website and then ahve you guys send them to me. I've tried many time to find shoes here, but they are literally all too small hahah. i've come close but i havent been able to find a single pair of shoes i reasonably like that fit me... So i've found the same pair online that i have now in a different color that are $47. tell me what you think of this plan haha.

Well thats about all ive got to share this week. enjoy the pictures!

Elder Giblette

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