Monday, September 10, 2012

Short but Sweet

hello all!
today for p-day we went fishing in the jungle with that awesome ten kid family (two of the boys) and it was soooooooo fun! but it messed up our p-day schedule cuz we ended up staying at their house for pretty much the whole day. so i have hardly any time to write this email. next week will include a full stroy and pictures, good ones.
invetigators are doing well and we are are teaching regularly now. i also got another shirt from the same guy who did my shorts. it really nice. this week i wil probly send the package home. also we are going to KK for district conference. excited. oh ya they arent called lava lavas here but theyre basiaclly the same thing. they are called "sarong"s and its just a tube of fabric that you wear as like a skirt. pretty outdated to wear in public, but occassionally some older muslim guys will wear them in downtown. theyre really nice to wear around the house and i'll send a couple home.

thats it :(

haha sorry

Elder Giblette

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