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whats funny about Malay/Malaysia in general is that the language and the country has a lot of things adopted either from America or English. so greeting people really isnt any different. Usually we just say hello, but i could say hey, hi, just as much. technically the word is halo (pronounced hallow) but they dont say that haha.
As i'm sure you know dad this past month has been Ramadan, and while it doesnt really affect our work at all, it does limit our choice of eating places during the day haha. For those of you who do not know about Ramadan, it is about a month i think when Muslim people fast each day from approx sun up to sun down. so during the day only chinese owned places and the KFC, Pizza Hut, and McDonalds are open. some places even just close down completely throughout the fast. But it ends this weekend and things are gettin a little crazy around here. Because it is such a big deal, I think that literally everyone is not allowed to work either on Sunday and Monday, or just Sunday, when they end the fast. I think its like an everyone type deal, but maybe non-Muslims will still work, I'm not sure.
In other news. Pres. Mains has revealed his first big change, and it is a big one. P-Days will now be on Mondays, like in the US. He said that he feels like the momentum of missionary work gets broken up too much when P-Day is on Wednesday. So i think that is Sunday for you guys right? Needless to say many of us are not exactly pleased with it. I even am not happy about it. While yes the momentum of the week is broken up, I dont feel like the momentum of missionary work is broken. I like having it in the middle of the week because time goes faster. So of course I will be willing to follow this new rule and I wont let it affect me. Anyways I hope this doesnt sound like a set a bad mark against Pres president. I dont have any less respect or love for him, and I know he is called of God.
This week, now that i think of it has been quite eventful. Oh ya and i didnt get transfered. There wasnt even transfers this week, it was pretty much a made up rumor from our Zone Leaders haha. I think with the new Pres there have just been some seemingly random transfers and I think the ZLs felt there might be another one. SO ya i'm still in Tawau. As far as transfers go I dont think there will be one until the new group comes in, which i think is the end of September. But its gonna be a major transfer as 27 new missionaries are coming in. hahaha this is like an unprecedented number! so i have heard anyways...
ok, so it finally happened. I got food poisoning! The funny part is that it came from one of the local chain restraunts. Anyways we ate their about 4pm on wednesday, and then later that night at an appt with our most recent convert, I had #2 and then ten mins later threw up. I didnt really feel any better after that, and despite a little embarrassment, we finished our lesson and then hurried home. in fact i barely made it home to the bathroom before i was experiencing "The Double Dragon" #2-ing and throwing up, AT THE SAME TIME. needless to say the rest of the night followed the normal course of food poisoning and was a sleepless night of constant trips to the bathroom. The next day i didnt feel sick anymore, but felt kind of feverish. I think my body just sick and sore from no sleep and nothing inside me. So we stayed in that day and the next day (Friday) we continued proselyting about 6pm. The funny thing is that E Tadius was totally fine...
The food adventure was not over though. On Saturday Sis Myla, from whom I have received some less than palatable meals, wanted to serve us stingray... E Tadius said not to worry because it was really good, not like fish. but alas this stingray was maybe a day or two overdue to be eaten. She fried it up and while it was still ok to eat, it was harder and tougher than rubber haha. I wouldve gotten a picture but E Tadius forgot his camera (later news on my own camera) I didnt end up finishing the meal because the stingray was not sitting well in my stomach, and apparently that fact was evident in the pained expressions of my face hahaha. I heard the miracle words from Sis. Myla: "dont force it elder if you cant eat it" hahahaah maybe the best things she ever said to me. My stomach was actually starting to feel funky and i graciously accepted this once-in-a-lifetime offer from a philippina lady.
So thats another entry for the food diaries.

On a missionary note, the work here has finally taken a turn towards success, or at least measurable progress. So last Friday we met a guy while meeting E Tadius' cousin, who works at the Hospital here in Tawau. The guy's name is Jerdey and had only arrived in Tawau a week ago I had a pretty long conversation with him while Tadius talked to his cousin (cousin is going back home and Tadius wanted to give him some stuff to give to his family) Then later that night we went to teach one of our few investigators at our "headquarters" (a house with about 12 members) and then another member came with a distantly related family member who has expressed interest in learning. then on Saturday an appointment we had with a youth to meet her friend happened. Monday showed two more good referrals and last night we met a new investigator's mother. So in short period of time we have met some really potentially good investigators, and are excited to be able to start planning our days around teaching people, rather than finding people.

Next week we have Zone Conference with Miri zone in Miri, Sarawak. with the new change to P-days this will essentially take out our whole week next week. but i get to see Elder Trotter again and also be around other missionaries again haha

Also next week i will finally get my camera back. I will track its adventures from the beginning:
Bought in Singapore in April
Used and loved in Tawau until May
Sent from Tawau to KK and then sent back to Tawau after not being under warranty in Malaysia (because purchased in Singapore)
Brought to Singapore to the Canon care Center.
Fixed (free of charge) and sent to Mission home in Singapore
Picked up by Zone Leaders in Singapore while on a visa run
Brought to KK by Zone Leaders
--Yet to Come--
Brought to Miri, Sarawak by Zine Leaders
Given to me(Elder Giblette) in Miri
Brought back to be used and loved once again in Tawau

What a journey.

I absolutely loved the pictures. seriously the best thing from America. Even better than the freezie-pops
PS why was hayden crying in the picture? hahahah oh hayden

Well this has turned out to be quite the letter huh
Love you all!
Elder Giblette

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