Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Joyful Week!

hello americans!

Singapore was a blast! i got to see everyone from my MTC group while there, so that was way sweet. (except for the two that went home already. but actually Elder Thee is finishing his mission in California, so thats awesome!) Ya we had late flights back and therefore had extra time to walk around in Singapore. Singapore is so cool. everything there is just so up to date in technology, its really clean, and just everything is awesome! our zone conference was really cool and its so cool to see other missionaries. probly the highlight of being there was seeing the latest and greatest in TVs. ULTRA DEFINITION. it was an 84" 2160p screen. just ridiculous. the demo was showing like shots of different cities and landscapes around the world, but it was like better than real life. so idk what kind of TV you just got, but its not quite the newest haha. speaking of which, whats the new tv like? (i feel more connected to home if im updated on such major changes) So the new way of doing visa runs will be to have quarterly zone conferences in singapore, that way less people will have to leave their companions and area for a solo visa run. our next one will be in December, and then after that the quarterly schedule will be setup. this zone conference was themed on gratitude, and it was awesome to hear about all the different ways we can be grateful, and all the different blessings that come from gratitude. 
also Singapore makes me miss home cuz it feels like being in America, or at least in a first world country again haha. Malaysia is like 2nd world. it has nice things sometimes, but everything is so cheap and has 3rd world aspects at the same time. but ya singapore is really nice

our teaching is slowly increasing, mostly here people have problems with getting work off on Sundays. which is the worst problem to have in my opinion. we try to build their to the point of them possibly finding a new job or something, but its hard to build faith if they dont come to church... so thats that. I've seen that mostly its the teenagers and young people that are most receptive. the older people are just stuck in their ways and have no space or desire for learning or accepting anything new. haha the Prince of Egypt movie had that sticker cuz it's Christian themed haha. It's kind of a touchy issue so we're advised not to even mention that religion in our emails. so suffice it to say that they cant switch religions, and we cant teach ANYthing to them. but they are really nice people and are almost always the only people who actually take 30 sec to talk to us. Christians are the not nice people. so i will take this chance to let you konw that i will actually be ending my mission now and will convert to that religion who shall not be named. 

just kidding actually i'm not :) haha they are just really nice people and Christians aren't, so sometimes it seems like the Christians are doing something wrong. and they are, which is why we're here to try to soften their hearts so later they might listen to missionaries!
Elder Tyler and i have decided to learn to write and read Jawi, which is the Arabic alphabet for Malay. its pretty sweet and tough to write. there are 37 characters and they write right to left, but its fun and interesting to learn. 

my bike is doing well, and we are pretty sure the rainy season is pretty much upon us. this past week we got rained in hard throughout the day. i'm positive in the coming months many pictures of wetness will be sent home hahaha. sometimes we delay going out cuz of the rain, but usually we just say its not going to let up and we just go out. it feels really good and riding through huge puddles is always fun. we get to be kids dressed as adults haha. no i dont wear my rain jacket of use an umbrella haha. just too cumbersome. The branch president of the chinese/english speaking branch has been a member for a while. he found the church while on a trip in i think switzerland. so its a pretty cool story. he's a pretty sharp guy and a retired navy person. that branch is all chinese, but i think everyone can speak pretty good english. the chinese elders stay busy, but they dont have many investigators. Chinese people here are tough. generally they are very prideful and i dont the envy the chinese elders haha. no we dont go on splits with them. 

kellen said he was wokring on sending pictures of the basemnt and new tv. maybe you should help him with thatmom, so it doesnt become an overly long process haha. (meaning do it for him cuz he'll probly forget) 

the weeks here are really starting to fly by and soon i will be nine months out! (Nov 1) have you gotten the package yet? it should be this week of next. Thats cool that mom and kellen went to the play. 

this next week we have district conference on an island north of me called Penang. i've heard its really nice and is quite wealthy. the district president is an englishman ive heard, which will be very weird to meet a white member from Malaysia! we will go there on Saturday and come back on Sunday

should be sending some pictures later on today :)

love you all! 

Elder Giblette

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