Monday, October 15, 2012

Zone Conf in Singapore

So of course all other missionaries are probly talking about conference as the highlight of their week, month, etc. and while i will share a few thoughts we had some other happenings that were better haha.

I'l go with conf first. Elder Nielson's about missionaries: way awesome to be talked up by an authority. it's always kinda weird and cool in general to hear a talk about missionary work and finally being able to say, "thats' me!" but i really liked the story he shared and all the ways missionaries can help you. I also liked the fact that it was really only addressed to non-members, and members could kind of sit back and hear about all the good stuff us missionries do. It really is amazing all the things this church does, besides having the restored truth and Gospel. Elder Ballard's about the honey bees was a classic analogy about small acts of kindness. I really liked Elder Christopherson's talk abuot being a man (given in the priesthood session) cuz it really is a big deal in today's world. He made awesome points about how men are being put on the back-burner and are largely sterotyped as dummies and "un-needed." Unfortunately I didnt get to lsten to Elder Holland's talk in english, but i could see by the looks on his face the emotion he used. We'll watch the Sunday sessions in English once we get a chance.
Our conf attendance was quite small. Have i not told you we are over a small group of Malay speaking people here? i swear i have. Anyways me n E Tyler are the assistant group leaders (but the group leader is less-active) meaning we ARE the group leaders. 20 people at sacrament is good for us. So total attendance for conference was 22 including us two at each session. The member that normally drives everyone to church saw conference as a break from church and went to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, so nobody that relies on her came. but we did have a recent convert come and her investigating husband also came to both the Sunday sessions. So that was really really good. Another thing that was cool for me about conference was that after watching the priesthood session, i found myself actually excited to watch more the next day. I could honestly say i didnt want the priesthood sessions to end. It was a really great feeling to fully appreciate what i was watching: Counsel and teaching and uplifting from Prophets and apostles of God. the best kind of teaching and counsel and uplifting there is.

So this week two great things happened. While we were contacting, 3 teenage Indian girls called to us and asked for our number right away. clearly they just thought it would be funny to ask two white guys for their number, so I'm sure they were as surprised as can be when we came over and shared a little from the Restoration pamphlet and told them our number was on the back. We were surprisingly able to get a return appt and the day we went back we didnt know what to expect. turns out two of them within the last few years had converted from Hindduism to Christianity, and the other expressed interest in becoming a Christian! So we gave a short lesson about who God was and who Jesus Christ was. they are approx 18-20yrs old and pretty typical teens, but they were actually listening quite intently (between texts) and seemed to understand everything we were sharing. One had read a little from the pamphlet, and asked about the BOM. So we shared a little abuot what the book was and gave her one. Yesterday we returned and gave two Tamil copies of the BOM. as of now they seem really interested and we are excited to meet them again this upcoming week. It's always cooler to teach from contacts that WE found rather than refferals...even though investigators from contacting is nearly always fruitless.

Also this week were finally able to find the place of a guy who had the met the elders we replaced. After three seperate nights of trying to find them, we got in contact with the previous missionaries and found his place! Turns out he lives in the middle of some vegetable fields with like 6 other people. they are Indonesian, which is way better than most other kinds of people haha. Anyways they will have problems with getting work off on sundays, as well as other likely unforseeable problems, but it was awesome to finally find them! 

So today we are going to Singapore for Zone Conference. We will be there until Wednesday night. They are having zone conferences in Singapore now to avoid having one missionary from a companionship at a time go do a vise run. This way everyone in the zone will get their visas stamped at the same time. It's a pretty good idea and It's always cool to go the promised land of Singapore. where people live in the future, not in the past (like Malaysians). haha so thats that. This morning I quick emailed as we were printing off our flight plans, but no worries cuz we got a chance to email before we go to the airport in Ipoh. 

Ummm i dont know who gladys knight is, so maybe you can tell me more? also tell me more about this guy falling from space, it sounds really cool! I think i saw a commercial for it while at a members house, but i dont know anything about it of course
Um we do have a McD's, but its like a 20 min bike ride so we dont frequent it as we did in Tawau. There is also a KFC, Pizza Hut, and Dominos. Dominos was not in Tawau and it looks like a much better option than Pizza Hut, so thats cool. I now live in a house, which is much bigger than my condo in Tawau. three floors, 4 bathrooms, but i'll take a pic this week. no oven. I cook a lot raman noodles (here its wayyyyy better) also a lot of eggs n other foods. 

Thats all for this week! Love you all very very much!

Elder Giblette

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