Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This Week


so this week has just flown by, and it ended with a fun District Conference in Penang. Penang is probly the richest part of Malaysia, maybe excluding parts of Kuala Lumpur. its way nice and ive also heard it has the best food. we werent there for long and didnt eat anywhere except what was provided at the conference... So a few weird things about Penang. there are "Ex-Patriot" members which means people that are i think from outside Malaysia, but live there. Anyways the District president is a half french, half black guy who grew up in Britain. haha so hes an interesting guy and has a sweet accent. also theres a member there from America, who has an American wife and that was REALLY weird. Seeing white people is really weird for me, but to have as member who is AMERICAN, that was just too much.haha so that was that. District Conference is like stake conference; for the church members. Branches are contained in districts; wards are in stakes. Malaysia does not have any stakes, but Singapore does have one stake. but ya district conf for the Ipoh District is the branches from Sitiawan, Ipoh, Butterworth, and Penang. Our Zone conf consists of all the missionaries from the Ipoh and KL districts. but thats for missionaries. 

Thats cool to hear about romney rising in the polls. that would be really crazy for him to win! but already we have been asked about romney and obama. not necessarily about him being mormon, but they know who he is. i konw the elders from penang have been asked about romney being mormon. Im sure where there are educated people, missionaries are being asked about it.  Also way sweet than MOM can work SKYPE on a TV! haha but thats crazy that Katie is getting married. when did that happen haha? 

So ya we have been contacting a lot this week, and have seen a little success. the thing about contacting here is that the house are not like that of America, i will take some pictures this week, but they are called terrace houses. they have a little like driveway area in front of the front door, but it is closed off by a gate... so getting to the front door is literally not an option. we get lucky if there is a doorbell outside the gate, but thats uncommon. usually we try to make noise by banging our keys on the metal gate, or by shouting "hello!" resulting in few people willing to leave their house haha. so its best if we can find a person who is outside. but anyways, this week we found three people who are willing to meet, but they have reported that they are leaving Sitiawan within a couple months... but we met one indian lady this past week, and she invited us in right away and then her daughter (grown up) came out to visit with us. the mom who invited us in was catholic, but her daughter didnt really ahve a denomination. anyways the daughter is who we talked to. she shared her life story and at the end, she was like "so now ive come back to christ and i am not sure which church i should join" we got real excited and tried to explain that, among other things, we believed that we were the answer to her prayers! ...this she did not agree with. she thought we were Jehovah's Witness, but then found out we were the mormons, and i thought she was going to kick us out haha. luckily she didnt and she asked us a lot of questions about what we believed. after about a 2 hour conversation, we had answered all her questions thoroughly, but she was still very uninterested in meeting again. she lives in KL (Kuala Lumpur) but didnt want to give us her number for her to be contacted in KL. anyways, it was eye-opening 1. to talk with an educated person who knew Gospel things 2. to talk with a Christian who is very very confused about what Christianity means. it was sad to see how confused she was about what is important and what is not. Even though she said she would pray to see if she should try to meet with missionaries, i could just tell that she hadnt really been listening to the answers we had been giving her. she let all the things she's heard before about mormons just hardened her heart. so even though we told her that we wanted her to pray about our message, and that the missionaries in KL would just ASK IF THEY COULD MEET, NOT FORCE ANYTHING. she wasnt having any of that. so we keep praying that she DOES pray and gives us a call, because we know that God will tell her to call us.

So thats one story from the week haha

so elder Tyler was in Bintulu, Sarawak before, and his Malay is as good as mine. I think sometimes he is just less confident in his language than he should be. the other two chinese elders are ok. one is finishing TODAY, so a new will be here by the end of the week. it is much different than tawau here cuz we just a malay speaking GROUP that WE are in charge of. so there are a total of like 30 members, but a good week would have 15 people for sacrament. the members are very busy and cant really help us as far as following to appointments. they have already been completely hounded for referrals haha so nothin there. its basically made up of one family and her extended family. but one of the recent converts here is unrelated, and we are currently teaching her husband. 

but ya should be a pretty normal week this week. im not sure when the conference in december will be. the way we see it is either like the first week or the third week. but not sure. so you probly want to get that package off by the second week of november. 

Love you all

Elder Giblette

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