Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Couldn't think of a clever subject

so hi everyone! 
i hope you enjoyed your plush american lives while watching conference this weekend. haha just kidding, but i do hope you enjoyed conference. we were able to get the saturday sessions on audio and we listened to those yesterday. they were so good! we cant wait to get the sunday sessions tonight and listen to them later. mom i also really loved elder nelsons talk about missionaries! it was so cool to hear about how awesome i am! hahaha 

so this week we have been able to meet with some of the investigators that the previous elders were meeting. their numbers were lost in an accidental throwing away of planners before we got there, so we havent been able to conact them until this past week. they arent the best investigators as they live very far away and are illegal, but its nice to have SOMEone to go meet. we also were contacted by someone who must have briefly met the elders before they left, and he told us he's living with 7 other people who may want to learn. so we are going to finally meet them this week and hopefully they will be awesome! the big problem here is that the town is so little that the bus system is basically non-existent, but people still need a way to get around. 

Also last p-day we went bowling and i bowled my best game EVER at 155! haha it was crazy. my first four frames were strike, spare, strike, spare! theres not a whole lot to do in sitiawan, but we recently heard about some caves that are relatively close to our area. so we might be able to go there!

so ya this age change is crazy! we think it will have a big increase on the number of sisters, and will have a devistating effect on BYU freshman and dating culture hahaha. but its pretty cool and we think it is in anticipation of opening some major new missions. E. Tyler thinks it wont be long before China is opened, but i dont really know. 
In other news we should be getting the Malay book of Mormon within a month or so! we have been using the Indonesian translation and while elders can understand a lot of it, many members and investigators ahve a hard time understanding because it is very in depth indonesian. im sure the Malay will also be in depth, but it will be Malay, so it should be a great benefit to the people here!

Theres a store called Tesco here, ive heard its from Australia, but its basically like walmart. its really nice and feels like america haha. thats where we do our grocery shopping :) 

so this little town is kind of funny because of all the chinese people. i cant tell you how many classic old chinese ladies riding around on bikes ive seen. im talkin like they look like 100 years old haha. or so many old chinese guys just sittin around without shirts hahah. chinese people are so funny!

sorry but i have no pictures... :( i'll take some this week!

love you all!
Elder Giblette

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