Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6th

hello all!
its been a great week! a busy week! an exhausting week! we had 21 lesson taught with a member present, as well as other lessons. but last year, for the area of Tawau, the record for member presents was 10, and we got 21!!!! so needless to say we were quite busy. its weird having p-day on wednesday because this next week is like half over already, so i end up writing about last week 1/2...? anyways the baptism for Ling-Ling went very well. i got to baptize her! it was really sweet to be able to do the ordinance, let alone in another language hahaha. but ya her mother came. and this is kinda crazy. while ling-ling's mother knew she was taking the lessons, she did not know it was leading up to baptism. and Ling-Ling was keeping that a secret from her mother. and then her mother shows up separately from Ling-Ling haha. i guess ling-ling's aunt had talked to her and gotten her to come. but Ling-Ling was all scared that her mother was gonna freak out or something, so she like talked to her mom before we started and everything was ok. her testimony is really strong and she was really ready to be baptized. also she's a lot more educated and intellectual about everything, most people dont really or arent able to connect all the lessons together hahah.

transfer news will be given this weekend so we will know whats happening. i dont want Elder Trotter to go haha because i feel like i'm just getting used to teaching with him, and getting used to missionary work in general with him, and now he might leave! but of course i'll be ready and willing to work just as hard if i get a new comp!

i might get the package before my visa run, but otherwise it will be fine waiting in Singapore. that will probly be the case because it is somewhat heavy. anyways i cant wait to get it!

i really do keep you in my prayers mommy! i dont like hearing that youre in pain either haha! but i know you're strong and this will all be cleared up. i know this is a short message but i dont really feel like i have much else to share haha. it's kinda hard because i really want to try to share my experiences with everyone in a way that they can kinda experience what i'm experiencing, but i konw that cant really be done so its whatever.

enjoy the pics haha. and tell ali to get on updating the blog haha! maybe kellen could post the pictures i send home on my facebook. you should have the info :D

Love you all!

Elder Giblette

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