Thursday, June 28, 2012


hello everybody!

So great to hear that you are doing awesome mom! i'll always be amazed at the world of modern medicine...slicin people around and movin/removin their insides haha. I hope you take the advice of the doctor and take it easy! That's awesome that that dvd arrived. I wanna see it! i guess I can wait till i get home and then i can laugh at myself haha. 

I actually received the 4th of July package before the other because the senior couple went to Singapore for a conf and they brought that one back for me. I'll be going to Singapore next week. I'll fly out alone but theres a chance i may connect with some other elders. I should be able to finally get my camera situation worked out. the Canon store here in Tawau sent it to KK, who said the warratny didnt cover it beacause the camera broke inc Malaysia, and i had bought it in Singapore... So they are sending it back and they said it should be under warranty, I just have to claim it in singapore....anyways I'm flying out next tuesday and coming back wednesday. so one night only. But i'll get to see some MTC companions and also Elder Trotter. 

Me and Elder Tadius are still struggling to find new people to teach, but I think with some serious coordinated efforts from the senior couple we will be able to find some new people next week. i'm continuously learning that missionary work does not happen on its own haha. as it seemed to with E. Trotter. 

This week we went to a funeral for a Tator person that had died. one of the best members here is Sis Tina, who tried to talk to you guys on mothers day haha. anyways Tina is a Tator lady, which is a tribe/race from Indonesia. Anyways (haha) she invited us to the funeral and there were so many Tator people there, and usually Tator people are Christian, so we got all excited to try n contact people, but we never got a chance... anyways at the end a bunch of guys got in a circle and did some traditional Tator chanting/singing. it was really cool! like one guy would start up and then others would join until everyone was singing and then just out of nowhere they would all stop at like the same instant. really sweet. 

Also I ate what was probly the hardest/nastiest thing i've ever eaten. it's called kanji, and from what i can gather it's basically like cotton... it looks like wet cotton balls, and feels in your mouth like spider web. cant really chew it, cant really cut it, you just kind of swallow it with the soup it is served in. so nasty. and of course right as i was finishing up i was served, without being asked, another helping that was bigger than what i started out with...... blech! so thats my food for last week, this week seems to present another possible foodnenture. Friday is Sis Myla (recent convert, awesome. always feeds us) and E. Tadius' birthday! Myls said that they are going to cook the "bloody-bloody" which seems to either be bloody as in juicy and delicious BBQ, or bloody as in half cooked BBQ... hahaha so i''ll let you know how that turns out. 

thats about all i got for this week :D

Elder Giblette

Kanji... the whitish clear stuff in the soup. more or less it looks like cotton balls and tastes like a...spider web? nasty.

me again bein hot n stuff 

just a typical mayonnaise sandwich...given by a member hahaha

some jungle

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